The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The $25,000 Milestone Incentive, "Airemoon", goes to Patty Eisenbraun of Bloomfiled, MI. Her donation put us at the $25,000 mark. Congratulations, Patty! 

The unofficial total of online quilt ticket donations is $25,295.48. Pinky is doing the Airedale scoot in the living room as I type and I'm crying from joy. I am in AWE of the power of the AireForce. 

Unofficially, today's donations totaled $4,420! That is an amazing job! This morning we asked you to donate a little more to help us reach our goal and you did it! Lydia Ross had faith all along that it could be done; I was hoping we would reach it but not entirely optimistic that it was possible. You proved me wrong. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look what we ALL accomplished together for our beloved Airedales in need in just 2 months time, but today especially.

I will announce the Early 'Dale No. 9 incentive drawing results probably tomorrow or Sunday. From my reckoning, Eileen Tedesco has 844 ticket stubs to fill out before she can do the Early 'Dale drawing so please be patient.  That's a lot of ticket stubs for one person to process in a day!  I don't envy her that job.  I think she has the hardest job of the entire fundraiser and she does it exceptionally well and we are very blessed to have her volunteer each year and do this job every day for two months without a break.  

Stay tuned for the Early 'Dale No. 9 Incentive Winners in the next day or so.


  1. OMD, we are smiling through tears here! What fabulous news to wake up to and congratulations to Patty! We're happy dancing here too, Pinky and Candy☺ whooooohoooooo

  2. I couldn't be more excited about the news that Patty Eisenbraun won the $25,000 Airemoon quilt! She has been one of the talented and dedicated "behind the sceen" artists on the team constructing the Bee quilts for several years. How wonderful that she will have a lasting memory of our work together!

  3. AWESOME totals and so happy Patty a bee member won. YIPPPPEEEEEEEE and thank you all

  4. Wow, I can't believe the goal was met but I should have known-Airedales and their people can do anything!!!!!!!!