Airedales Around Town Arrives at It's New Home!

"Airedales Around Town" has arrived at it's new home with Marcia Hogsed.  Marcia was kind enough to share her thoughts and photos of the quilt's arrival.

Hi Lori,

I wanted to let you know that the quilt arrived this afternoon and it is magnificent! You were right, it is so much more impressive in person. The thought and work that went into making this beautiful quilt is truly amazing. What a talented group! Every stitch is perfect - even the back is simply gorgeous! Each time I look at it I see something new. I don't think I can adequately express how lucky and honored I feel to have this quilt in my home. I love the stitching along the side - "It Takes a Village to Raise an Airedale".

Thank you for the careful and thoughtful packing - it traveled beautifully.

I have attached a few photos. I had hoped that Walter, Wilma and Sid would pose with me and the quilt as I unfolded it but I'm sure you know how that turned out. Since it wasn't their idea - not a chance. I ended up with quilt spread across me and they played bitey face behind me. My husband did volunteer to hold the quilt in the last photo so all of it can be seen.

Thank you again, I still can't believe I won!

Yes Lori, please share with the Bee! I want each of them to know how much I love the quilt. I've enjoyed reading the bios as I study each block. I've read them before but it's so much more personal when you have the quilt in front of you. What a labor of love this was! I can't help but smile every time I look at it.

Marcia and friend checking out the quilt

Giving it a good sniff

Marcia's smile says it all

 A very happy winner!
A full view of the quilt in it's new home!

2012 Straw Hat Girl Pattern Now Available

Linda Hobbet reports that the adorable Straw Hat Girl was the most requested pattern from the 2012 Quilt, Garden Party. The link to order the pattern is:

The pattern is available as a pdf that prints out to seven 8.5" x 11" pages. Straw Hat Girl fits on a 10" x 10" block (not counting a border) or can be enlarged for a larger image.

The pattern contains:
1 colored version of the finished block.
1 black and white line drawing showing placement (each piece is lettered)
Drawing of the individual pieces that match the placement drawing in size with corresponding letters.

Alternate versions are included.

The purchase of this pattern helps support the Airedale Quilting Bee, so they can continue to raise funds for National Airedale Rescue.


I returned  home this afternoon from running errands and had a nice email with photos from Denise St. John, who won Bitches in Season. I thought I would share her kind words and the photos of its arrival.  Her two Airedales, Buster (w/belly band) and Emma helped her open the package. 

Denise wrote:  Hi Candy: The wall hanging is BEAUTIFUL - the photos didn't do it justice. I can't believe this was your first quilt start to finish. And I can't believe I actually won it!!! Everything about it is perfect - the quality, colors, choice of materials and the embellishments. It's happy and cheerful and will make us smile everyday.

My helpers are Emma and Buster - he's wearing a bellyband because he has prostate cancer and tends to dribble. Buster is a rescue who's been with us for 11 years and he's at least 13. Poor old guy also has melanoma.

Thank you so very much,

Closeup - I added a few more embellishments like the
pumpkin and button in each corner of the border

Buster checking out the package

Buster, Denise and Emma bringing in the package
Looks like Emma can't wait to see what's inside

Buster's giving it a good sniff

Ooh, what is it?

Emma checking it out - any little edible biscuits on there
as embellishments?

Is that pumpkin edible?

Mom, are you really going to hang up those funny
looking Airedales?!


The final total 
for the 
2013 "Airedales Around Town" 
quilt fundraiser is 

Thank you everyone for your support.  We'll see you next year with 
another fabulous quilt and bonus quilts!

Here's the response of the winner of "Airedales Around Town", Marcia Hogsed when she received the call from   Lydia Ross. Lydia writes: "I just wanted everyone to know that I phoned Marcia to tell her she was the winner. She was awestruck and reduced to tears.  She said—"I’ve never won anything like this, I’m so excited! We're doing the happy dance at our house! The Airedales around Town quilt will soon be on it's way to North Carolina! I am so excited and can't believe we won! (And yes, I know - every sentence has an exclamation point!)  I'm still in shock. Thank you, Lydia, for making my day. We're off to dance some more!"

Marcia, Walter, Wilma & Sid (we're worried about our mom, she's positively giddy!)

"Andy in the Berry Patch" winner, Jeanne Esmond wrote:  Happy dancing in Northern Virginia!!!  I won the bonus quilt "Andy in the raspberries" !! This is too funny as my current Airedale, Sandy, came to me named Andy.  My youngest niece's nickname was Andy and she was not happy that a dog had her name. So when I adopted him, I changed his name to Sandy after Little Orphan Annie's Airedale, also a male to make it easy on everyone. Wouldn't you know it, she was surprised that I did that and told me to change his name back!

"Bitches in Season" winner, Denise St. John, wrote: Thank you Quilting Bee for your generosity. I am the lucky winner of Bitches in Season and what an honor to have one of your gorgeous quilts hanging in my home, and special thanks to Christie and Candy who designed and created this bonus quilt. Congratulations to all the other winners, especially the rescue Airedales who will benefit from the Quilting Bee's creative talents and generosity.

"Harmony in Red" winner, Ellen Tung, after much deliberation, has generously decided to donate this beautiful quilt back to The Bee so that an Airedale lover can have the opportunity to own and cherish it.  Ellen and her husband are dog lovers and have adopted 3 dogs from their local shelter over the years since I've known them as well as supported me in my Airedale Rescue activities when I lived in NY.  Murphy, was a pit bull puppy female who lived a long and happy life with them; Harry, was an older male beagle, who enjoyed a wonderful rest of his life with them and Murphy, and now they currently own "Wilson", a sweet little 4 yr. old boy, possibly a spaniel/golden mix, that they adopted a few years ago.  The Bee thanks Ellen for her gracious generosity so this lovely quilt will continue to raise funds for National Airedale Rescue.


The lucky winner of the "Airedales Around Town" quilt is Marcia Hogsed.   This unique and lovely quilt measures 55" x 71" and was made by the collaboration of the artists and block makers of The Airedale Quilting Bee. The artists used the block makers' inspirations to create the block designs that typify the little shops one might find in any small town.  

The bonus wall hanging titled "Airedale in Texas Bluebonnets" was won by        Kim Nuzzo.  It was designed and hand quilted by Joyce Miller and measures approximately 17" x 17.5".  This stylized Airedale head is nestled in a bed of Texas Bluebonnets, one of Joyce's favorite flowers.

 The bonus wall hanging, "Andy in the Berry Patch" was won by Jeanne Esmond.  This wall hanging was made by Susann Trandem and measures 17" x 21".  The inspiration for this wall hanging was a photo of Lydia Ross's Aireboy, Andy, hiding and munching among the berry bushes in the backyard.

The bonus wall hanging titled "Bitches in Season" was won by Denise St. John. It is a whimsical, 4-block, Airedale caricature designed by Christie Williams.  Made by Candy Kramlich, it measures approximately 28" x 27.5".  It was embellished with decorative buttons to depict the four seasons and to add interest and texture.

 The last bonus offering, a beautiful redwork quilt titled "Harmony in Red" was won by  Ellen Tung.  It was a collaborative effort by Carolyn Finlayson and Sharon DeBoer.  It measures approximately 54" x 72".  Seven embroidered Airedale blocks are outlined with a red print border and surrounded by pieced blocks in the Irish triple chain pattern.  The various shades of red fabric contrast beautifully with the creamy white fabric.  This is truly a beautiful work of art.

The final total for the 2013 Airedale Rescue Quilt fundraiser will be announced on the blog once we get home from Montgomery and today's show.  The final tally will be announced once all the figures are tallied.  Stay tuned...


Lori Taylor set up two tables at the Hospitality Room in the headquarters hotel Thursday evening and wrote the following email and shared the attached photos tonight.  She will be back on the road tomorrow to go set up the quilt display tent and the Rescue booth at the show site for Sunday.

The quilts were soooooooo well-received by EVERYONE!!! Everyone was in awe of Airedales Around Town. I heard – many times – “You ladies just keep outdoing yourselves every year. We don’t think that’s possible but each year, you manage to do it!! That quilt is just magnificent! Awesome!” As people would gaze at it, I would ask them if they had spotted the “hidden message” in the quilting along the border – and then I would point it out to them! First they would laugh, knowingly, and agree with the message itself and then they would express AWE that it had been quilted into the quilt! Then, when I would tell people that there were FOUR bonus quilts and point to each of them and explain how they could be eligible to win one of them…WELL, that definitely sparked the multiple sales of the tickets. $25 came out of nowhere instead of $5 or $10! You know the Harmony in Red quilt was a BIG inspiration to a lot of the folks! But ALL of the bonus quilts were very much adored and wanted by the onlookers! ALL of them! There were a lot of giggles over Bitches in Season. One lady said she had FOUR bitches at home and so that would be the perfect quilt for her to take home! So she bought 5 tickets for the chance! Andy peeking through the berries was loved! And oh people loved the Airedale in the Texas Bluebonnets.

So…Cindy and I sold $635 in tickets at Hospitality. A lot of folks asked where else we would be (would we be at Obedience or Devon?) and we were sure to tell them that there and on Sunday at Montgomery were their ONLY two chances left to buy tickets.

I’ve attached a few pics. They aren’t great pics but it was the best I could do without getting in people’s way. They provided us with two tables and all the room we wanted. We were beside the Fine Arts Raffle and got to see Terry Steven’s vase in person. Awesome! Cindy and I both bought tickets – and then that girl came over and bought tickets from US!

We were WARMLY welcomed by the Hospitality chair and several other members of the hospitality committee and we couldn’t have asked for a more friendly reception. I witnessed a couple people in the room explaining to OTHER people how the quilt ticket “structure” worked and WHY they should buy $25 worth of tickets! And then they did! How about that?


Ta da!! Here's a photo of the finished bonus quilt - Harmony in Red.  It is SPECTACULAR.  It was well worth the wait.  We all want to win it!  It arrived at Lori Taylor's today and she took a  photo to share.  Carolyn and Sharon, you outdid yourselves.  This one will be talked about for years to come!


#14 A - Katherine Appleton of Mertztown, PA has won a Portrait of her dog by Sandra Merwin.

#14B - Lisa Vaeth of Canton, CT has won the Porcelain Pendant by Terry Stevens.

#14C - Jeannette Grantner of Canon City, CO has won the Stoneware Sleepy Airedale statue by Linda Hobbet.  Jeannette made the Dairey Delights block on this year's quilt too!

Congratulations, Ladies, for winning these lovely incentives and thank you so much for supporting the 2013 Quilt fundraiser and in turn, National Airedale Rescue.

The online total for quilt ticket donations is $12,627!  On to Montgomery!!

Blogger will not let me add the following on the sidebar - You can get your quilt tickets in person on Thursday, Oct. 3 starting at 5 PM at the Hospitality Room of the headquarters hotel and on Sunday, Oct. 6 at the Quilt Display Tent in the vicinity of the Airedale Ring at the show site.


I will post the Incentive #14 winners this evening when I get the results.

***All online ticket donations end at 
8 PM EDT tonight as well.***

Lori Taylor of The Quilting Bee will be at the Hospitality Room of the headquarters hotel (Hyatt House, Plymouth Meeting, PA) on Thursday, October 3rd, starting at 5 pm. You may make your donation in person and get your tickets at that time and again on Sunday, October 6th at the Montgomery Kennel Club Show in Blue Bell, PA. Lori Taylor will be at the Quilt Display Tent near the Airedale Ring and will accept donations up until the time of the drawing.

Your donations will make a difference in the lives of so many Airedales in need!

Helping Airedales, it is the right thing to do.

On behalf of all the rescued Airedales and those to come, 


We appreciate your continued support of the Airedale Quilt Fundraiser.

The Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee

There will be a few more follow-up blogs after Montgomery so you can find out who won the quilt and the bonus quilts.  Perhaps this year's winner will do a photo story of receiving the quilt like last year's winner.  You never know...I hope you have enjoyed reading all the stories about the quilt blocks, bonus quilts and the Rescue dogs.

I will be working as Cashier at the Airedale Rescue Bazaar located near the Airedale ring on Sunday, Oct. 6th so please stop by and say "Hello".  I will post the winners of the quilt and bonus quilts/wall hangings later, much later, that evening when I return home.

The Airedale Quilting Bee wants to thank everyone who donated for quilt tickets, donated incentive prizes, and/or spread the word about the quilt fundraiser on their lists, Facebook pages or other social media outlets.  We so very much appreciate your support.  National Airedale Rescue depends on this yearly fundraiser.  If you haven't found the hidden message located on the right side of the quilt, it says "It takes a Village to raise an Airedale".  It certainly takes a Village and then some to help the Airedales in need.  Your monetary support makes it possible for the Rescue volunteers to devote their time and energies to the Airedales and not have to worry about how they will pay that vet bill for the dog that needs special attention.  Sometimes we get dogs that require very little medically aside from the basic checkup and shots, but then there are those special cases that need much more than that.  Your donations make it possible to get those Airedales the best possible medical care needed so that they can go on to live a happy, healthy life in their new homes.  We all love this breed or we wouldn't be doing what we do.  We give a lot to the rescue dogs, but the very special secret is that these dogs give us back so much more than we give them

Please consider helping next year with the Quilting Bee.  I hope after following this blog, you will realize how many talents go into making a quilt and those talents are not just limited to sewing!  And I can attest to the fact that you don't have to have any prior training.  Quilters are very generous people who are willing to share what they know.  I started not knowing how to even do an applique, and I ended up making a complete 4-block wall hanging from start to finish. It was another way to help Rescue now that I'm not a "hands on" rescue volunteer.  So everyone has something to contribute and we could use your help as can the local and regional Airedale Rescue groups.


A dreadlocked, emaciated stray was found dodging traffic along the busy Palisades Parkway in New Jersey.  Taken in by ATCMNY Rescue, Macabee was vetted, groomed, neutered and examined by a veterinary opthamolgist.  Progressive Retinal Atrophy had left him totally, irreversibly blind in both eyes.  The vet estimated he was at least 7 years old.

Surviving along that busy road would have been miracle enough for any Airedale, but that he was blind, made it even more miraculous.  But now Mac would  need another adopter who would take on an older dog with his handicap.

And just then the phone rang.  It was an adoption applicant and I mentioned this sightless old dog to them.  Joe and Bette lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in the East Village and were retired.  They would like to meet Mac.

I brought him for a visit and they fell in love with the beautiful dog out on the sidewalk.  Mac had trouble, of course, the first time going up and down the stairs, but after several trips while we were there, he quickly learned to use the back of Joe's leg as a guide and to go slowly instead of of leaping 2 or 3 stairs at a time. By the time I left that day, he was going up and down the stairs like he'd been doing it for years.  A short leash kept him close as he ambled down the sidewalks, where he visited his favorite hydrants.

Mac was a handsome Airedale and visiting him in this small apartment you would never guess he couldn't see.  He was a happy, upbeat dog, who loved his walks, including sitting on the bench with Joe and Bette outside the French cafe where he greeted his admirers, both human and canine.

Betty, Joe and Mac sitting outside the local French cafe
Please excuse the poor quality of the photo, but it is a picture of a photo in one of my old articles for the ATCMNY newsletter.  That was before I had digital capability and when I moved to Maryland, I didn't keep the old photos.

About 2 years later, I got a call from Bette.  Joe had died suddenly and Bette was moving in with her daughter.  She could not take Mac with her and could I help.  It was at a time when my cousin, whom I lived with, was dying and I couldn't keep him with me.  But after a quick call to Barbara Curtiss of NEAR in Connecticut explaining the situation, she said she'd foster him and find him a home.  I went to NYC and picked up Mac and delivered him to Barbara's.  He was eventually adopted.  Despite his handicap, he had a winning personality and it was hard to believe that he couldn't see.

An angel was watching over Mac the day a motorist stopped and picked him up on the side of the parkway, and I believe that God sends the right home for the hard to place dogs just when you need it.

And Barbara Curtiss wrote:  Mac came here as a foster, and I figured, yeah, right, a 9 year old blind dog, he's not going anywhere...but being a sucker for the oldsters, I welcomed him.  I was nervous about having a blind dog come into a house he didn't know already, and to be with the other Airedales already living here (what if he stumbles over a sleeping dog??).  We have stairs, and small rooms, and wood floors.  We tried to figure how to pad the sharp angles, and bought a book about living with a blind dog (put a certain scent on door frames or furniture to help him know where he is, and outside make a trail of scent for him to mosey around on, which will lead him around the yard and back to the door).  Well, Mac taught us more than the book did.  He was amazing.  When he walked straight into a wall, he'd back up, move a bit to a different direction, and simply try again to get where he wanted to go.  It was such an Airedale attitude, if a wall gets in your way, figure out how to get around it!

Walking him on a leash was great.  He walked right along as nimble as the others.  Once I saw a rabbit cross our path in the far distance.  When Mac and I got to that spot, he suddenly pulled off in the direction the rabbit had gone.  That's when I really understood how dogs have another sense that we can't begin to know, he didn't need sight to "see."  I think of that experience often, every time I walk a dog and s/he jerks around sniffing here and there, I know that they are "seeing" things that are invisible to me and how frustrating it must be for them to have to keep going in my straight line.

But I did find an adopter for Mac after only a month.  A repeat adopter, drove 3 hours here to come for him, and Mac went off to be the 5th and most beloved Airedale the Donnellys had ever owned.  How John loved to go for walks with Mac, people stopping to admire the handsome Airedale, John not telling them until they were about to part that Mac was sightless. No one ever realized that (one good thing about the Airedale coat is that if the dog's eyes are clearly milky blind, or even removed, you can leave the eyebrows so long that they cover the eyes like a sheepdog's).  And John was adamant...Mac was not blind, he was sightless.  John wanted everyone to understand the difference, that the inability to see images had nothing to do with Mac's vision of the world and its people, he was not blind, he just couldn't see the trees or humans.

The Donnellys had one adjective to describe Mac..."inspirational."  Indeed he was, his drive to live life to the fullest, undeterred by a handicap, truly inspired everyone who met him.  He could happy dance with the best of them, he loved meeting new people and sniffing other dogs, if a wall got in his way, he just stepped back and figured out another way to move forward. 

All online ticket donations end at 8 PM EDT on Monday, Sept. 30th at 8 PM EDT.  After that, you can get your quilt and bonus tickets in person on Thurs., Oct. 3rd at 5 PM at the Hospitality Room of the headquarters hotel or on Sunday, Oct. 6th from the Quilt Display Tent located in the vicinity of the Airedale ring at the show site up until just before the drawing.

**Remember Incentive #14 ends on Monday, 
Sept. 30th at 8 PM EDT.**

There is also $15,000 Milestone Incentive for the person who puts us at the $15,000 mark before the end of online ticket donations on Sept. 30th.


Close up of 1 quilted section
Carolyn Finlayson and Sharon DeBoer have collaborated on making this BEAUTIFUL, large lap or wall redwork quilt titled "Harmony in Red". It is a triple Irish Chain pattern made from three shades of red fabric and a soft, creamy white accent fabric, featuring a variety of 7 embroidered Airedale squares in the white non-chain blocks enhanced with beautifully pieced blocks. The embroidered Airedale squares are outlined with a small border, maybe a quarter inch wide or so, of a red print fabric and it really makes the Airedales POP!  It measures approximately 54 inches wide by 72 inches long. Sharon did the pieced blocks, and Carolyn did the redwork and embroidered Airedales, as well as the quilting, binding and finishing. 

Here are closeups of the finished blocks as well as the progress photos.

A broader view
Progress Print - Laying out the blocks
Progress Print - Laying out more blocks
7 Embroidered Airedale Squares
Trying out block placement
One of the Embroidered Airedale
Squares with the red printed border
Quilt under construction

What do you think of this preview? Make you want to buy more tickets so you can get more bonus tickets? For every 5 regular tickets you make a donation for, you get 1 bonus ticket.  I WANT this quilt so I plan on buying more tickets when I am at Montgomery so I can get more bonus tickets!

Remember that Incentive #14 ends on Monday, Sept. 30th at 8 PM EDT.  And there is also $15,000 Milestone Incentive that ends Sept. 30th as well. Please help us reach that milestone before we go to Montgomery.


Here's another block that is in the bonus full-size redwork quilt.  I wonder how all these blocks fit together???  The quilt measures approximately 54 inches wide by 72 inches long.  Wow, now you could have a chance to win one of two large quilts plus the 3 other bonus wall hangings! That's a pretty good deal.  

Here's the rescue slideshow video for those of you who have not seen it before or want to watch it again.  It was put together by Michael Elsden of Elsden Images using the Rescue photos featured on this year's blog.

Don't forget that Incentive #14 has 3 separate prizes to be won by 3 different people.  Here's a recap of what they are:

#14A is a portrait of the winner's dog by Sandra Merwin.

#14B is a Porcelain Pendant made and donated by Terry Stevens.

#14C is a Stoneware Sleepy Airedale Statue made and donated by Linda Hobbet.

AND if you are the lucky person who puts us at the $15,000 mark before Sept. 30th when online ticket donations end, you will win this Beswick Airedale Figurine.

Lots of very, very nice incentives offered during these last 3 days.  Remember for every 5 regular quilt tickets you make a donation for, you will receive 1 bonus ticket.  The more quilt tickets you donate for, the more bonus tickets you get.  But the BIG winners will be the Rescue Airedales who need your support.  After all, it's all about the AIREDALES.


Here's a sneak peak at one of the blocks from the last bonus quilt being offered this year.  Can you picture the other blocks?  Stay tuned and we might share another sneak peak before the big reveal...


The winner of Surprise #13a, handmade stoneware Playbow Airedale statue, made and donated by Linda Hobbet, is Andrea Shafran of Irwin, PA.

And the winner of Surprise #13b, eight handmade 3-D paper Airedale ornaments, made and donated by Candy Kramlich, is Katherine Appleton of Mertztown, PA.

Congratulations to both of you and thank you for supporting the 2013 Airedale Rescue Quilt Fundraiser and National Airedale Rescue!

Be sure to check the posts below for the last bonus quilt teasers.  It is BEAUTIFUL.

And we still have the Incentive #14A, 14B and 14C prizes coming up on Sept. 30th at 8 PM EDT.  And there is a $15,000 milestone incentive for the person who puts us at $15,000 before the end of online sales on Sept. 30th.


Here's another it whetting your appetite to buy as many multiples of 5 tickets to get as many bonus tickets as you can and have lots and lots of chances to win not only the main quilt, but any of the 4 bonus quilts/wall hanging, including this last bonus offering?  I think I'm going to buy some more tickets myself right now!  I want this one!!  

Don't forget that besides the 3 separate prizes offered for Incentive #14 (that means 3 winners) which ends at 8 PM EDT on Sept. 30th, there is also a $15,000 milestone incentive, Beswick Airedale figurine, offered to the person who puts us at the  $15,000 mark.  This milestone incentive has to be met before the end of online sales on Sept. 30th.

And there are two little surprise incentives tonight.


One little block with a red Airedale…..can only lead to something bigger and better, right?….. come back soon to find out what.


There was no $15,000 Incentive winner this year.  Sorry, maybe there will be one next year.

"Ch. Cast Iron Monarch"
Donated by Candy Kramlich

Measures approximately 6 1/2 inches wide x 5 1/2 inches high

Bought in 1986 at an Antique Fair, this porcelain figurine is stamped "Beswick England" on the bottom of one foot and on the underbelly is stamped "Ch. Cast Iron Monarch".

Please be sure to read about the $10,000 Milestone winner and Maggie May's rescue story below this post.  Hint - there will be two Surprise Incentive drawings tonight.

 Don't forget that Incentive #14, which is 3 separate prizes, will be drawn on Monday, September 30th at 8 PM EDT

Your donations support National Airedale Rescue so they can help Rescue Airedales in need around the country.