The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Here's another it whetting your appetite to buy as many multiples of 5 tickets to get as many bonus tickets as you can and have lots and lots of chances to win not only the main quilt, but any of the 4 bonus quilts/wall hanging, including this last bonus offering?  I think I'm going to buy some more tickets myself right now!  I want this one!!  

Don't forget that besides the 3 separate prizes offered for Incentive #14 (that means 3 winners) which ends at 8 PM EDT on Sept. 30th, there is also a $15,000 milestone incentive, Beswick Airedale figurine, offered to the person who puts us at the  $15,000 mark.  This milestone incentive has to be met before the end of online sales on Sept. 30th.

And there are two little surprise incentives tonight.

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