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Incentive #11 runs from Monday, September 16th at 12:01 PST until Wednesday, September 18th at 8 PM EDT.

Incentive #11

Honorary Dog
By Dora Wright, hard cover, signed by the author
Donor: Pam Jones
Honorary Dog is hard to find, but it should be in every Airedale lover’s library. One reviewer writes:

“Dora Wright is quite a character. She is totally enamored with Airedales and raising them is her life's mission. So much so, that the other aspects of her life (which are significant, like marriage, child birth, divorce and war) get barely a mention as she draws the reader through her journey with her dogs.

Her writing style is delightful. The book contains lots of interesting stories about managing dogs of varying temperaments. She doesn't have a lot of material things. Folks who "make do" either through choice or circumstances will be intrigued with how she solves various issues, mostly to do with her crumbling cottage.

If you are or have been a professional dog groomer, you'll enjoy the trials Ms. Wright undergoes with her various clients. No surprises, it usually isn't the dog who is the issue, it's the owner. Arg!

I admired her no-nonsense attitude about life and her ability to absorb grievous shocks and move on. Sadly, Ms. Wright passed away recently. A loss to both the dog community and her readers.”

"Reese - I'll Help" Mug
Donated by Lori Taylor
Graphic is Lori's block from the 2012 Garden Party Quilt

Front of Mug
Back of Mug

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  1. More fabulous incentives and we love the sounds of this book!