The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Artist:  Jane Miller       
Block Maker:  Linda Bell

Front of Block
Back of Block

Jane Miller, the artist, wrote: “This is a whole lot of fun for me (the artist!) to come up with workable ideas, that convey what everyone is thinking!! With Linda Bell and The Auto Shop, it was easy. Linda is/or has a VW Beatle. So we all know how much our Dales like to ride in the car!! Shop was named after Linda’s boy, Rebel. This didn't change from the 1st sketch. Thanks everyone for letting me be a part!! And for such a wonderful cause! I myself, am the proud owner of 2 rescues - Lucy-2 1/2 and Harley 7. Life would not be the same without Airedales!!!

Here's the artist's drawing.

Setting up the sign on the embroidery machine
Jane's rescue Airedales, Lucy and Harley

*Remember Incentive #10 ends on Sunday, Sept. 15, 
at 8 PM EDT.*

Not only does your donation make you eligible to win the main quilt or one of the bonus quilts, but if you donate between Sept. 10th and Sept. 15th, you might be one of 2 winners of Incentive #10.

Thank you for supporting Airedale Rescue. All the Rescue Airedales thank you! And so do all the Airedale Rescue volunteers because your donation makes it possible for them to continue to do what they do best – rescue Airedales in need.

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  1. We just love this block! Our mom and dad had a Bug, but that was wayyyyyyyyyy before us!