The quilt measures 64" x 71"


This incentive starts on Saturday, September 7th at 12:01 AM PST and ends on Monday, September 9th at 8 PM EDT.


If the winner is from the US or Canada, the incentive prize is: 

One of a Kind Hypertufa Planter
made and donated by Deborah Wall
9” x 6.5” x 7.5”

Traveling around the pot
Going around

and around
and at the tail end!
Deborah is a hypertufa artisan in Pompano Beach, Florida. She first began creating pots and planters for her own patio and soon expanded into a multitude of experimentations with the material. She works in her backyard, open air studio, mixing and forming hypertufa containers, garden d├ęcor and patio art plaques. Each piece is individually designed and hand-carved. No two creations are the same. In addition to creating art in this medium, Deborah is a professional musician.

Deborah writes about her Airedale connection, “I am the Mom of a beautiful Airedale rescue boy named Nicholas Nickleby. Nick came to me through the Sunshine Airedalers of Florida in 2002. He is now nearly 11 years old and has a little Bedlington terrier sister named Abbey. The Airedale terrier is so special! I love the breed and the people who own, rescue, and advocate for them. Nick was recently diagnosed with stage ll oral melanoma and the caring, emotional support from Airedalers across the country and the world over has warmed our hearts beyond words. Special dogs, special people.

“This is a “hypertufa” art planter, hand-cast and hand-tooled with an inset cobalt tile attracting the curiosity of a carved Airedale figure, rounding the pot to check it out in true Airedale form! On the front is his head. To one side is the back of the head, neck and torso carved to show the movement of the head around the pot. On the back, his body continues to move into a play bow with a classic rump up and tail in the air.”

What is Hypertufa?
Hypertufa is a man-made material, and an art form originating in Northern England where farmers carved large feeding and watering troughs for livestock out of Tufa, the volcanic rock of the region. As natural Tufa became scarce – “hypertufa” recipes were developed to continue the use of stone for these vessels. In the plant world, this material has proven itself to be a wonderfully rustic decorative with many advantages to plastic, clay or concrete planters. Because “hypertufa” contains cedar shavings, or peat moss, and perlite it is porous and breathable. The walls are thick and retain moisture to provide extended hydration. At the same time air is able to circulate through the pot and the soil, keeping roots healthy and happy. Any plant, sized appropriately with the container, will thrive!
Link: The Pot Farm,

If the Winner is from Australia or New Zealand, the prize is:

Emma’s JourneyWritten by Bill Molyneux and Sue Forrester 
Donated by the authors
Especially offered to be won by a donor from Australia or New Zealand 

Bill and Sue have travelled Australia for 30 years as horticultural botanist, photographers, and designers. They have a special relationship with The Airedale Quilting Bee as winners of The Garden Party, the 2012 Quilt which is proudly displayed in their home in the Yarra Valley of Victoria, Australia. “Emma’s Journey” is born out of their love for Airedales and the High Wild Country of Australia.

“Emma and Aaron are Airedale Terriers. Soul mates.Separated by death. Then they are reunited as spirits in the high wild country they love. Now they are together for eternity.

In this land of sparkling water, rocky crags, wind and sun, snow and flowers, their happiness is complete. When they see their life-long human partners, Sue and Bill, wandering again across these beloved fragrant heathlands and wild misty moors, they are overjoyed.

Life still brings surprises. One day, Emma and Aaron become the invisible guardians of Charlie and Rose, two Airedales who are lost during a wild and fierce storm.

We share their journey as Charlie and Rose meet the challenges of survival. More than anything,” Emma’s Journey” is a life affirming story of loss and renewal, and of the circle of life. Our spirits are nurtured through the healing powers of wild places. We understand that the bonds of love are strong and, as the dark shadows recede, our beloved companions live again to dwell forever in our hearts.”

Sue and Bill and their Airedales


  1. What an interesting and very beautiful pot!
    We have Emma's Journey and it's a FABULOUS book ♥
    What great gifts!

  2. I have made hypertufa and that is a wonderful pot to win. Emma's journey is a timeless book, every Airedale owner should have it.

    I love this blog!

  3. Ooooh! I hope I win! How do I get a book too Sue?