The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Incentive #13 runs from Tuesday, September 24th at 12:01 AM PST until Wednesday, September 25th at 8:00 PM EDT.  This is one complete package.
The winner of Incentive #13 is Joanne Hartfield of Noblesville, IN.  Congratulations, Joanne, and thank you for supporting the Quilt fundraiser and National Airedale Rescue!

By Martha Paulos, hardcover, 1990
Donor: Anonymous

Doggerel is a delightful little book with a collection of engaging poems about dogs and charming artwork. Here’s a sample poem.

The Woodman’s Dog, by William Cowper

Shaggy, and lean, and shrewd, with pointed ears
And tail cropped short, half lurcher and half cur –
His dog attends him. Close behind his heel

Now creeps he slow; now and with many a frisk
Wide-scampering, snatches up the drifted snow
With ivory teeth. Or plows it with his snout;
Then shakes his powdered coat and barks for joy.

Dog Music: Poetry About Dogs
Joseph Duemer and Jim Simmerman, Editors, Paperback, 1996
Donor: Anonymous

A fine collection of poems about dogs. From the elegiac, to the contemplative, to the comic, more than 160 poems of “Dog Music” pay eloquent and heartfelt tribute to man's best friend.

Airedale Records Print
12” x 12” unframed print, signed and numbered by the artist
Donor: Nancy and Brian Hislip

This charming print shows the logo for a fictional company named Airedale Records (don’t you wish it was real). It was designed by Stephen Fowler, who has done a series of cool dog-inspired graphics. Nancy and Brian ended up with an extra one after the post office lost and then found the original one they ordered. The artist told them to keep the spare rather than shipping it back, and was pleased to hear it would be donated in support of Airedale Rescue.

Remember that there is still a $10,000 milestone incentive prize being offered.  It is a set of 3 Airedale ornaments designed by Ann Curran of Ragatail and made by Jan Williams of ArticAire.  It is a beautiful incentive.


  1. Just bought my ticket today (9/24/13) via paypal. Thank you, Mare