Just sharing what Lesli Weber emailed back to Lydia Ross when Lydia notified her that she was the winner of Harmony in Red.

We have one rescue at this time. His name is Gizmo and he's 9. I believe we are his 4th home. He has some issues so we joke about which personality he may wake up with---so it's as if we have multiples.

We volunteer with ATRA. Have done so for. Oh... I think 17 years? Time flies.

We are active with our annual Wisconsin fundraiser event. John is the auctioneer any my job is to help donate, set up and spend money. We also seek to help with transport and foster when we can.

We have your organization join us with a display and raffle tickets. And I'm tickled I won.

"Harmony in Red"


I'm very pleased and happy to report that after receiving the quilt ticket updates from Lori Taylor for Hospitality and Sunday's show, this year's quilt fundraiser raised $16,646 for National Airedale Rescue!

Thank you to everyone who helped with this year's quilt fundraiser. What a great job!  The rescued Airedales to come will be the biggest winners.

A huge thank you to Lori Taylor and Cindy Johnstonbaugh for setting up and manning the quilt displays at both the Hospitality Room on Thursday and the show site yesterday.  That was a HUGE amount of work and brought in $2,385 more to add to the online ticket donations total.


The lucky winner of today's drawing for "HATtitude" is Maxine Shear.  This whimsical quilt measures approximately 65 inches by 90 inches.  It is the product of Bee artists and block makers using the "hat" theme and collaborating to bring it to completion as this delightful quilt.

The winner of the bonus quilt "Harmony in Red" by Carolyn Finlayson and Sharon DeBoer is Lesli Weber.  This quilt measures 52 inches by 72 inches and was a surprise addition to the bonus quilts last year.  It was donated back to the Bee by last year's winner, a non-Airedale person.  It was highly coveted last year when viewed at Montgomery and is a wonderful example of marrying a traditional quilting style with an Airedale theme.

The winner of the bonus wall hanging "Come Play With Me" by Linda Bell is
 Lou Ann Woodall
This playful wall hanging measures 24 inches by 29 inches and features an Airedale in a favorite position - the play bow.

The winner of the bonus wall hanging, "The Mischief Makers"  is Frances Murphy. This darling wall hanging was designed by Linda Hobbet and made by Marianne Perry. Three of the main quilt blocks were chosen and creatively embellished to form this wall hanging.  It  measures 19 inches wide by 61 inches long.  We were thrilled to have Marianne Perry come back and make this darling wall hanging.  It was fun to see it in person and see how innovative Marianne was in embellishing each block and bringing them to life!

The winner of this bonus wall hanging, "Saxon Among the Black Eyed Susans" is Suzanne Rodarte.  It measures approximately 23 1/4 inches by 18 inches and was adapted from a photo taken by Virginia Slowik of her beloved Rescue Boy, Saxon, now at the Rainbow Bridge.  So this wall hanging was made in memory of Saxon, whose adoption created a strong bond of friendship between Rescuer and Adopters.


Your last chance to get quilt tickets is Sunday, October 5th, at the Quilt Display Tent in the vicinity of the Airedale ring.  Lori Taylor will have her wonderful display of the HATtitude plus the 4 bonus quilts/wall hangings.  How fun to be able to see them in person.  And she has made packets of cards featuring the HATtitude and individual quilt blocks for sale to benefit National Airedale Rescue. If you can't be there in person and want quilt tickets or cards, see if a friend is going to be there and will pick them up for you!

I can't wait to see the quilt(s) in person on Sunday and to buy some of Lori's cards.  I still like to send handwritten notes to friends.  Pinky is almost all groomed.  I just have to work on her face furnishings tonight.  Sheepie coats have voluminous furnishings and no matter how much you rake and pluck, it never seems to diminish!!  The only thing keeping her happy on the grooming table are the little DogChewz treats I bribe her with for being such a good girl. :>)


Here's a photo taken of Lori's quilt display at tonight's Hospitality Room.  The quilts and bonus wall hangings were very well received.  Ticket sales were very, very good.  We surpassed our $15,000 goal tonight and who knows what Sunday's ticket sales will bring!! And Lori also has wonderful quilt cards for sale for the benefit of National Airedale Rescue.  I hope she still has some left for me to buy on Sunday!!

For those of you who haven't yet gotten your quilt tickets and if you are in the vicinity on Thursday evening, October 2nd, you can meet Lori Taylor and this year's quilt display in the Hospitality Room of the Headquarters Hotel after 5 PM.  She will have not only "HATitude", but the 4 Bonus quilts/wall hangings as well.  How much fun to see them all in person!  Pinky and I will be driving up on Saturday afternoon and manning the Cashier's station at the Rescue Booth on Sunday.  Lori will be nearby in the Quilt Display tent.  See you there!

"HATtitude" Front and Back

"Harmony in Red"


"Come Play With Me"


"The Mischief Makers"


"Saxon Among the Black Eyed Susans"