The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The lucky winner of today's drawing for "HATtitude" is Maxine Shear.  This whimsical quilt measures approximately 65 inches by 90 inches.  It is the product of Bee artists and block makers using the "hat" theme and collaborating to bring it to completion as this delightful quilt.

The winner of the bonus quilt "Harmony in Red" by Carolyn Finlayson and Sharon DeBoer is Lesli Weber.  This quilt measures 52 inches by 72 inches and was a surprise addition to the bonus quilts last year.  It was donated back to the Bee by last year's winner, a non-Airedale person.  It was highly coveted last year when viewed at Montgomery and is a wonderful example of marrying a traditional quilting style with an Airedale theme.

The winner of the bonus wall hanging "Come Play With Me" by Linda Bell is
 Lou Ann Woodall
This playful wall hanging measures 24 inches by 29 inches and features an Airedale in a favorite position - the play bow.

The winner of the bonus wall hanging, "The Mischief Makers"  is Frances Murphy. This darling wall hanging was designed by Linda Hobbet and made by Marianne Perry. Three of the main quilt blocks were chosen and creatively embellished to form this wall hanging.  It  measures 19 inches wide by 61 inches long.  We were thrilled to have Marianne Perry come back and make this darling wall hanging.  It was fun to see it in person and see how innovative Marianne was in embellishing each block and bringing them to life!

The winner of this bonus wall hanging, "Saxon Among the Black Eyed Susans" is Suzanne Rodarte.  It measures approximately 23 1/4 inches by 18 inches and was adapted from a photo taken by Virginia Slowik of her beloved Rescue Boy, Saxon, now at the Rainbow Bridge.  So this wall hanging was made in memory of Saxon, whose adoption created a strong bond of friendship between Rescuer and Adopters.


  1. WOOHOO to the winners! How exciting to be AT Montgomery and win the main quilt...fabulous! Can't wait to see the final amount raised.

  2. Congratulations to all of the winners! We are so happy for them ☺