The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Just sharing what Lesli Weber emailed back to Lydia Ross when Lydia notified her that she was the winner of Harmony in Red.

We have one rescue at this time. His name is Gizmo and he's 9. I believe we are his 4th home. He has some issues so we joke about which personality he may wake up with---so it's as if we have multiples.

We volunteer with ATRA. Have done so for. Oh... I think 17 years? Time flies.

We are active with our annual Wisconsin fundraiser event. John is the auctioneer any my job is to help donate, set up and spend money. We also seek to help with transport and foster when we can.

We have your organization join us with a display and raffle tickets. And I'm tickled I won.

"Harmony in Red"


  1. We are so happy for Miss Lesli! She sounds like the perfect choice to have won Harmony in Red ☺

  2. Congratulations Lesli!!!! You must have been thrilled when you were notified you won the beautiful Harmony in Red.