The quilt measures 64" x 71"


This year's Airedale Rescue Quilt is titled "CalendAIRE" and it is a calendar quilt featuring the 12 months of the year which surround a CENTER MEDALLION that depicts the four seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The background fabrics for each of the blocks of the center medallion are reminiscent of each season. The four Airedales in the center medallion form a heart. The months of the year are written in the border fabric above, below or to the side of each block. This quilt measures 59 inches square.

JANUARY - two Airedales making snow aireangels
FEBRUARY - a mother Airedale with her pup
MARCH - a spunky Airedale taking advantage of the windy day to steal a flying kite
APRIL - an Airedale sporting a raincoat and umbrella against the April showers
MAY - three Airedales merrily dancing around a May pole
JUNE - an Airedale caught in the act of sampling a wedding cake
JULY - an Airedale at the beach "hunting" for clams perhaps?
AUGUST - two Airedales taking a dip in a cool mountain lake
SEPTEMBER - studious Airedale getting ready for the school year
OCTOBER - an Airedale merrily raking, or is that "scattering", the fallen leaves
NOVEMBER - a new type of Airedale sporting "turkey feathers"
DECEMBER - an Airedale "helping" to trim the Christmas tree

The Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee members had fun this year creating something different and unique this year.

There are also four bonus wall hangings being offered in addition to the main quilt and these will be revealed as the two months progress.

Each day there will be a block showcased or a Rescue story presented about an Airedale or Airedales who were helped by National Airedale Rescue funds this past year - your donations at work. Be sure to check back every day - you never know when a special rescue story or special incentive prize or event will appear.

The donation structure is set up as follows: for each $5 donation, you will receive one entry for the main quilt; for each $25 donation increment, you will receive 5 entries for the main quilt and 1 bonus quilt entry. For example, if you donate $50, you receive 10 main quilt entries and 2 bonus entries and so on.

Please note that the BLOG Early 'Dale 
drawings are independent of the main quilt drawing on October 4th. You are still eligible to win the main quilt and/or one of the bonus wall hangings.

Online donations will be accepted until 8 PM EDT on Saturday, September 26, 2015. After that date, you may get your quilt tickets in person on Thursday, October 1st between 6 PM and 8 PM at the ATCA Hospitality Room at the headquarters hotel or on Sunday, October 4th at the show site up until the drawing. The Quilting Bee tent will be set up in the vicinity of the Airedale ring manned by Lori Taylor.

The drawing for the quilt and the bonus quilts/wall hangings will take place in the Airedale ring at the Montgomery Kennel Club show on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. You have an opportunity to win CalendAIRES and/or one of the bonus quilts/wall hangings.

We hope everyone enjoys this year’s quilt as much as we have enjoyed making it! Make sure to tune in to the blog each day to see something new.

Once again, I have the honor of doing this year's Quilt Blog and like the past two years, my sweet Pinky will be my Assistant. She turns 10 years young on August 8th this year and I've been blessed to have her the past four years.


  1. CalendAIRE is stunning. Each block is more beautiful than the next! We just LOVE this quilt!

  2. OMG>>The Bee has outdone itself! This is wonderful

  3. You all have done it again. Terrier-ific!

  4. This quilt is fabulous. Great job ladies.

  5. I look forward every year to see what the Airedale Quilting Bee will be bringing to Montgomery, and their creativity never disappoints. As usual, this quilt is gorgeous - beautiful quilt showing talent and dedication.

  6. Each year I think what will they think of next ... and poof, you've done it again, just beautiful!!!