The quilt measures 64" x 71"



Quilted Center Medallion

Original Drawing
Carolyn Finlayson, who did the Center Medallion, Layout and Quilt Top Assembly wrote:  The layout for this Calendar quilt begins in the top left corner with the January block and continues clockwise around the four center blocks.
The background fabric of the blocks in the center depict the seasons of the year.  

December, January and February blocks are adjacent to the top of the Winter block.  

March, April and May blocks are adjacent to the right Spring block.  

June, July and August are adjacent to the bottom right Summer block.

September, October and November blocks are adjacent to the bottom left Fall block.

Finished unquilted center medallion
A heart is formed in the center of the four middle blocks by the positioning of the Airedales.  The four Airedales are made from the same fabric and the background of each center medallion block was chosen because it helped to convey the season.

 I looked at numerous fabrics auditioning borders. The first border is an eggplant hand die fabric.  It was dark enough for contrast, but not as harsh as black.  It also looked good with all of the squares. The outer border is a batik, in the burgundy/pink family and has orange, purple and other muted shades which compliment all of the beautiful applique blocks.  Note the month of "February" sewn on the border of this block below.

See the month of "February: written in the sashing above the block

Don't forget that Early 'Dale No. 1 Drawing ends on Wednesday, August 5th at 8 PM EDT.
No. 1-1 Airedale Applieque Fleece Throw
No. 1-2 Two Books: "Can You See Me With Your Heart" & "For The Love of Dogs"
No. 1-3 Two Dark Green Ceramic Park Peters Mugs w/Airedale etching on sides


  1. The center medallion is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are just perfect. Carolyn did an outstanding job♥

  2. Love hearing and seeing how the details of the blocks come together, always beautiful!