The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Cheryl Silver of TART shared these stories.

BOOGIE - Boogie's sophisticated name came to him through rescue...when he was first surrendered he was known as "Booger" - a name that certainly did not do him justice.  Boogie's situation was not unlike many we encounter. One member of his family cared a great deal for him but she died and while the man of the family felt he was a nice dog, he preferred his small dogs who slept in bed with him every night. Boogie spent his time in the yard or on a screened porch where some large birds kept him company. Fortunately his "dad" contacted rescue and he made his way to a foster home in San Antonio where everyone saw him as a sweetheart who got along with everyone. It was clear he would enjoy a playmate. Bless his heart, while those of us in rescue were working to find just the right family for him, his attentive foster mom noticed that something was wrong with this sweet boy and rushed him to the vet. Diagnostics revealed that he was having an acute attack of erlichiosis and that his blood values, hydration, and temperature were in dire straits. Nurturing by his foster mom and attentive veterinary care pulled him out and not long after that he found his most perfect family and a Welsh sister who is now his constant companion...they are routinely described as "two peas in a pod."

LEO - Found as a stray in a tiny north Texas community, this boy was taken to the local jail - there was no animal control facility. At this facility every Thursday was designated as the day when strays were euthanized. Leo charmed one of the local law enforcement officials who kept arranging to put off the ending of his life. Weeks passed and no one came looking for him, but he charmed the good Samaritan who finally decided to adopt him to get him out of there alive. He knew it wouldn't be a permanent solution because one of his own dogs wanted to do Leo in. Thankfully, he reached out to rescue and one of our Texas rescue partners stepped up to take him in as an interim foster. It wasn't long before Leo found his family -we thought. Alas, he had repeated but mysterious health problems. After much diagnostic work, it was determined that the boy had been ingesting lots of fabric and running the risk of serious blockages. Extensive hospitalizations eventually sorted things out and he was rehomed in a setting where the family had extensive rescue experience, several playful dogs in the home to be Leo's companions in mischief, and the family is retired so he gets lots of supervision. He has been doing great!


  1. So glad Leo and Boogie are in forever homes. Great job by Texas Rescue team!

  2. Rescue ROCKS! Thank you for all you do to find the right loving home for these "discarded" Airedales!