The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The person whose donation puts us at the $15,000 Milestone, will receive this lovely non-Airedale quilt that measures approximately 50 inches by 50 inches.

Front of Quilt

Christine Sheffer wrote: A dear friend has given me a quilt to help the Airedale Rescue quilters. She thinks your work is terrific. She doesn't have a dog. This isn't an Airedale quilt, but she hopes it can help as an incentive. She tagged it with her name and National Airedale Rescue on the back. I'm not a quilter but here is what I know. It is machine quilted with the stitches creating dragon flies buzzing around.
Christine further wrote:  Donette Loehr doesn't own an Airedale, but she is a friend to them. When she heard Christine Sheffer rave about the marvelous ladies of the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee, Donette immediately offered a quilt to support the efforts.  She described this one as a happy favorite, but also a bit stubbon and challenging when she was creating it.  Hmm, happy and challenging - just like the Airedales we know and love.

The quilting on this lively piece resembles dragon flies buzzing around.  The star and edging are made of pieces that include themes of fresh vegetables, happy insects and gardening suppies along with beautiful flowers.

Donette lives outside of Rochester, NY with her husband, Ralph. She enjoys babysitting her golden retriever grand-dog.

Star closeup

Close up of Front (you can see the dragonfly outline even on the front side)

Closeup of fabrics

Closeup of Back - notice dragonfly design


What a beautiful and generous gesture for Donette to make to help us meet our goal.  Thank you, Donette!

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