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Quinn when he first came into Rescue in 2014
Remember this scrawny little puppy, Quinn, from last year?  A year ago he had just been rescued with his mom and dad from a very neglectful situation. Quinn was turned over to OKAR along with his parents. He was infested with fleas and ticks and weighed in at only 7.2 lbs. Not good for an 8-week old puppy. 

After being treated for all the bugs and given lots of good food and love, Quinn is now living the good life with his Mom, Dad, and cat.  I just LOVE this photo below of Quinn on his way to his new home a year ago. His expression is priceless! Like he's saying "we're off on a new adventure!" I've made it my new screensaver.  Makes me smile every time I see it.

Quinn going to his new home a year ago

It is now a year later.  Look at Quinn and see how he has thrived and grown up in a loving home! Bev, his new owner, sent me the following update written by Quinn himself.

Quinn and his buddy the cat
I would like to give you an update on myself, Quinn the Airedale puppy, from Oklahoma that was rescued  in June 2014.  The breeder called Airedale Rescue and said to pick us up or he would shoot us.  he could not even give us away.  Frances Martin of OkAR came in a rainstorm.  My sister was so frightened that she ran away.  Frances came and got my mother, father and me.  The breeder would not let Frances back on the property to get my sister the next day.  Frances said they feared the worst for my littermate.  I didn't understand what that meant, but I don't think it was very good.  I have over 40 ticks in addition to fleas and being underweight.  Frances tooks us all to the vet to get our shots and hoep with the ticks and fleas.

Quinn - August 2015
The next week my new owners came to get me.  I had put on some weight!  I weighed 8 pounds and was 9 weeks old.  I got in the car and stuck my face forward in the breeze and haven't looked back.  My owners took me right to the vet.  I had to go back every two weeks for the summet.  I gained weight, my fur is really thick and glossy.  At my yearly vet checkup, I weighed 60 pounds.  The vet said she would not recognize me as the same puppy she saw the first time.
Quinn - August 2015

My life hasn't been the same.  I went to puppy obedience training, then Basic training.  I had such fun!  My owners think I am the smartest boy ever.  Maybe I will get to try agility classes this fall.

When I was 12 weeks old, I starged going to doggy day care.  I do so twie a week.  My owners thought I needed socialization with other dogs.  I have a cat buddy who loves for me to lick his ears.  I try to get him to play ball or tug but he can't seem to figure out how.  I have a basket of toys and love to play ball and tug.  I like puzzle toys that have food in them; it doesn't take me much time to figure out a new puzzle.  Oh, Mom says I am an expert counter surfer. They didn't think I was until I grew tall enough to reach the counter.  But there is never anything on the counter to taste.  I chase squirrels in the yard.  One day I'll catch one.  I got fur once.  I keep the mice and voles out of the veggie garden and flower beds. My owner won't let me eat them when I catch them, I don't get that part.

I am glad that my mother's owner found my owners.  She liked to look at the pictures of me online as I grew to be the handsome Airedale I am right now.  They all say I look like my mother.  I've included pictures of me growing up.  Here's a video of me that Mom took of me solving one of my puzzles.

And here's an updated photo of his mother, Robin, rescued with Quinn and Duncan, a year later.

Robin 2015

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  1. Look at you now, Quinn! What a handsome boy you are and so smart! We are so happy for you, buddy☺

  2. Quinn's story and photos made me cry last year. I'm so happy he's found such a wonderful home! What a handsome boy he's grown into!

  3. Quinn you are one handsome DUDE!