The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Molly - 7 mos. old - OK

Most days, Renee, spends her time herding cats, lost and abandoned cats. While on her daily patrol she spots a young Airegirl, and her companion, a male MinPin. The dogs looked tired and needing water, a very hot day in Oklahoma, and welcomed her attention. She drives an old Jaguar convertible, 2 seats, so it must have been a challenge to get both dogs in and settled for the ride. Neither had a collar nor a tag, so her first stop was the vet to scan for a chip, and well being. Molly, the Airegirl, had one, but the registration was still listed as the breeder, living in Ardmore, southern Oklahoma. Both dogs seemed well cared for and Renee reasoned that the escape artists had been "on the run" for a short time. 
After several calls to the breeder, she spoke to him and he was able to give her the name and address of the buyer, date of sale was Dec. 2014. She did make contact with the owner, who expressed her gratitude and wanted the dogs to be returned. As Renee was telling me the story, she did note that the dogs were several miles from their owner's home. This was in a busy residential area on the south side of Oklahoma City with 4-lane highways, and she wondered how they were able to travel so far from their home. We briefly considered that the dogs might have been dumped.

During Renee's conversation with the owner, it became clear that owning Molly was a challenge - working parents, 4 kids, not enough time for raising a puppy. Renee told the owner that she would contact Airedale Rescue if the owner decided to surrender Molly. The call came within 24 hours and OKAR took Molly into rescue.

Molly is a typical 7 mo, old girl - she had a bit of wild child in her, but clearly loved adults and being in a home. The owner never mentioned her chewing up plants, and of course, I had planted a new Crepe Myrtle that now is a pile of sticks. The most unusual thing about her appearance was the hairballs on her upper and lower lips. It seemed to me that she had gotten "stickers" on her lips and they collected saliva and hair, and smelled awful. Grooming removed much of the matter, but during the spay, the vet shined a black light, and the results were Ringworm. The vet took a sample to send to the lab. The lab agreed with the diagnosis, first case that I have ever had in Oklahoma.

Molly has been placed in an Airedale experienced home and is flourishing.

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No. 3-1  Hobo Style Purse
No. 3-2  Upside Down Airedale Statue
No. 3-3  Hunting Henry The Book


  1. Another happy ending - thank you Airedale rescue and thanks to the person who found the runaways kept them safe.

  2. Thank goodness there are wonderful people out there willing to adopt a diamond in the ruff and to support the efforts of the Airedale Rescue volunteers.

  3. Wild child Molly sounds like a typical 7 month old Airegirl! Happy that Molly has found a great home.

  4. You are such a cutie patootie Molly and we love your name☺