The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Sidney Hardie of SWAT shared Faith's story.  At the age of 8 years, Faith's family had to move and could not find housing suitable for an Airedale. They contacted Faith's breeder, but she was unable to help at the time and asked that rescue step in, which we were happy to do. 

Faith with the rest of the Hardie crew
Faith is a happy, low key gal who really comes to life when she meets other dogs, male or female, large or small. In the photo of the four Airedales, Faith is the pale one. She is getting her foster sisters and brother stirred up and moving. 

Sophia and Faith have a pepperoni catch
We had several applicants where we thought she would be a good match, but they were reluctant to adopt an older Airedale. We knew that if we were patient, Faith's perfect family would come along, and sure enough, Tim and Bree and 2 year old Airedale Sophia just knew that Faith would be the perfect match for their family. The three of them made the 13-hour drive to Tucson, and everyone got along great. Faith was especially happy to have a man in the family again. 

Here is what makes rescue so rewarding ... the updates from the new family ... Hi Sidney and Nicole, Everyone is doing well. Faith has found her favorite spot on the family room sofa to sleep. She seems to be adjusting well to the change. She is quite observant and watches our every move. She is also a great communicator. On the way home she would stand up in the crate facing the door whenever she needed to go pee. Since we've been home, as soon as I come in from work she stands by the door ready for a walk. If we don't leave immediately, she goes over to her food bowl and waits by it. She really is a gentle soul and such a joy to be around. But she does give Sophia a run for her money too. She is getting more playful every day which I'm glad to see. We got her tags so she is officially a Montgomery now. We put them on the boomarang collar. Our weather has been incredible so we should be able to take a hike. Bree  

Hi, I want to give you an update. Faith is doing great. She is such a good girl and a very calm presence in the house. She and Sophia love to wrestle around and run, but then she settles right down when she is done. We go hiking on Sundays and she always wants to go straight up the mountain. A couple of weeks ago we went and she did not want to come back down the trail when everyone turned around to come back. Here is a photo from our hike that day.

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  1. What a beautiful girl and she sounds so happy! Rescue rocks!