The quilt measures 64" x 71"


 Eddie, 3 yrs old, was picked up as a stray after running the countryside with two other dogs. His owners were found, but they only took the two smaller dogs back. Eddie found a wonderful mom and dad who take him on daily walks. Everyone in the neighborhood knows Eddie!
After - Handsome Boy!
How many people does it take to groom Eddie?
Almost finished

Smoozing, or is that Smooching, at the vet's office
Maybe she won't give me a shot if I give her a kiss...


  1. AWE Eddie of Oklahoma is so cute and a great story. National Airedale Rescue can and has helped so many with your donations. Please donate today. The Airedales benefit and you are eligible for the quilt.

  2. I can not edit my comment, but this a ONE OF A KIND piece of art this Bee has created. Fabulous work

  3. Yay, Eddie! We are so happy for you, buddy! Airedale Rescue rocks!