The quilt measures 64" x 71"


EDIE/DUDLEY - Tim Sheffer of Airedale Rescue of Western NY (WNY) wrote this about Edie:

As we know many of the dogs that come into rescue do so because of behavior issues.  Edie was one of the extreme cases that almost didn't make it, but thanks to the support of National Airedale Rescue, she is now in a permanent home where she is behaving herself.

Edie came into Airedale Rescue of Western New York in early 2015.  At about 9 months old, she was being given up by her second home because she did not get along with the other dogs in the home, as well as other issues.  According to the surrendering family, these were the same reasons she was given up initially.  The breeder had been contacted and did not want her back, so this family had decided to take her in. They tried working with her, but eventually they could not handle her and gave her up to rescue.

Edie then went to a local foster home where she resided for about 2 months, until she became too much for the foster family to handle. She was continuing to not get along well with other dogs, and was exhibiting extreme separation anxiety.  During this time, she was spayed and brought up to date on all her immunizations.  The foster family was able to report that when not around other dogs, and if not left alone, she was an otherwise healthy happy young Airedale.

Based on the fact that she was young, healthy and with some exceptions, generally just your typical young Airedale, rescue did not want to give up on her.  Fortunately in our area, we have a great trainer/kennel that has worked with some of the harder cases in the past.

Edie then went to "boot camp", where she resided for about 2 months, to learn some manners and try to get over her separation anxiety.  Well, during this time, with the help of the humans and other dogs at "camp", she was able to get her act together and now has a forever home.

The family that adopted Edie has previously adopted an Airedale from Rescue that they had lost only a short time ago.

We are happy to report that Edie, now called Dudley, is in a forever home and doing well, fitting right into her new home as a happy family member.

This would not have been possible without the support of National Airedale Rescue.

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  1. Hurrah for Edie and for the Rescuers that never give up!

  2. Yes! Patience and love (and training) win out.

  3. Yay, Dudley! We are so happy for you!