The quilt measures 64" x 71"



Quilted Block

Quilted Block with August written in the sashing below the block

Original Drawing
 Karen Brown wrote:  August in the Adirondacks.  I was extremely blessed to be able to spend all of my summers near Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks starting when I was 8.  My family bought a parcel of land on the lake and we spent years building a camp.  Growing up, we had an Airedale named Buddy.  I fell in love with the breed.  I started dreaming Airedales my senior year of college.  I managed to persuade my father that I absolutely had to have an Airedale puppy for my graduation present.I found a litter at Stone Ridge Kennel that would be the perfect age at graduation time.

My gorgeous male puppy flew into Broome County Airport and became Shadrack, my constant companion.  We spent almost every summer weekend at the lake.  I could not keep him out of the water.  He especially loved playing fetch off the dock.  He would even dive under water to retrieve things.  When we began planning the 2015 quilt, I had no trouble deciding what the theme for August had to be.  He was also exceptional at weighing down the front of my big fiberglass canoe.  (He did not excel at paddling!)  He remains the dog that I have measured all my other Airedales against.

Finished unquilted block
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No. 5-1  "A is for Airedale" Pillow or Wall Hanging
No. 5-2  "King of Terrier" Fiber Statue
No. 5-3   Hunting Henry The Book

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  1. Mary and Karen, What a beautiful block! it captures the feeling perfectly. I feel like I am on the lake with you.
    What a great job! I love it.

  2. What a great story and such a beautiful block, Karen and Mary!