The quilt measures 64" x 71"


  Artist:  Jane Miller 
  Block Maker:  Eileen Tedesco           
Front of Block
Back of Block
Eileen wrote: Merlin was 11 months old when we adopted him after his owner died. We had recently lost our Airedale and weren't quite ready for a new dog. But, when Merlin's breeder called to let us know he was available, we drove down to New Jersey, visited him and his foster parents, and brought him home. A couple of months later we got a two year old Border Terrier to keep him company.

The highlight of the day is when the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx truck comes down the driveway. Once the truck is gone and the barking is over, Merlin’s treat is to sniff the packages; his big black nose covers every inch! He would love a job at the Post Office checking out the packages. I would like to believe that he would be generous enough to mail a bone to friends and family, but that is pure fantasy on my part. Our terriers’ game is “take-away and possess”, not “give-away and share”.

Eileen & Merlin at the local Post Office

Artist's drawing of Eileen's inspiration
Post Office sign in the process of being embroidered

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  1. This block is so cute and so creative! Great job Eileen and Jane!