The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Tonight's Surprise Incentive winner is Meena Moitra of Angwin, CA.  She won a large Air Dog Kong ball for her dog.  

Artist:  Jane Miller                               
Block Maker:  Carolyn Finlayson

Front of Block
Back of 

Here is what Jane Miller, the artist, had to say about the block:I will admit I went a little crazy here at first!! I don't sew a lick!!! So I was not thinking how hard some of my ideas might be to create!! Sorry! So that took a little revamping on my part.”  Her first rendition was a little more detailed and not as appliqué friendly so here is her second version that Carolyn, the block maker, brought to life w/her appliqué talents.

Artist's original drawing

Embroidered sign ready to be sent off to the block maker

**Remember that Incentive #9 ends on Monday, September 9th at 8 PM EDT.**

There will be a doggie Surprise Drawing tonight.

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  1. This block is absolutely adorable! Great job, Carolyn and Jane!