The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Artist:  Linda Hobbet
Block Maker:  Karen Brown

Front of Block
Back of Block
Karen Brown wrote: I'm not sure quite what to say about my block inspiration. My first dog groomer experience was with a woman in Gloversville when I was young and naive. It was ---'s Pet Parlour. I took my first beautiful Airedale, Shadrack. He would go in a shaggy boy and come out looking like a Standard Poodle. I brought pictures and grooming instructions, and patiently tried to show the groomer what a proper Airedale was supposed to look like. This went on for about 3 years with little progress. I decided I needed a new groomer when the groomer's husband showed up at my house with a coat I had accidentally left at the grooming parlor. When I opened the door to accept my coat, he decided he needed to give me an impromptu jitterbug lesson. The next think I knew I was totally off the ground being swung around at a high rate of speed. (I am not a petite woman!). I extricated myself, ushered him to the door and found a new groomer.

Janet Austin from Papmered Pooch entered my life in 1985. All of my fur kids have absolutely adored her. Her salon is spotless. My dogs are drop dead gorgeous, and she is wet from kisses when I arrive to pick them up. Her Chocolate Lab, Star is the greeter and entertainment. Rush has thus far been a perfect gentleman with her senior kitty, who saunters through the salon with an impressive sense of entitlement. I still hold my breath a bit.

My treasured pet sitter, Sandy Acquilla, from 4 Paws Only, hand strips my Norwich. Harry clamors to get into Sandy's salon to get his hair pulled out. She has to be doing something right! He is one fine-looking fellow when he is delivered home. Sandy has also logged hundreds of hours and a small fortune supporting Scottish Terrier Rescue in our area. I could not imagine taking care of my boys without these dear women in my life. They both have a genuine love of all things canine, relish what they do, and think my boys are something special. It does not get better!

This is the artist’s interpretation of Karen’s inspiration.
Progress photo
Finished sign

Lydia Ross's Dave

What a difference a haircut makes! Pinky thinks he's pretty HOT. It always amazes me how regal they look when they are groomed like an Airedale should be. Before grooming, they look and act like such ruffians - cute, but ruffians nonetheless. Afterwards they KNOW they look good and act accordingly.

Here's Pinky last January with one "Before" and one "After" front leg - I hand stripped her voluminous furnishings. That was before I invested in a set of Mars Coat King rakes. They are so worth the investment, especially with a dog with a very soft coat. Now I need to do something with that fuzzy face! She's due to be clipped before we go to Montgomery, either this weekend or next.  Thankfully, she is very good on the grooming table - not thrilled, but she tolerates it and then struts her stuff once she is off the table.

My Pinky - with one hand stripped leg and 3 not touched yet...


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  1. We love the stories and the block!
    Have fun at Montgomery, Pinky!

  2. Oh PInky!!! you are soooo cute. wink wink!