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Barbara Curtiss wrote: The Montis are the kind of folks we rescue people would love to clone. They have adopted four Airedales in the past years. Stirling, Max, Ben, and Tucker (TtT for Tucker the Terrible!) all had wonderful years with this couple after their earlier years hadn't been so great. But time marched on and they have all taken up their post at the Rainbow Bridge. June 2013 found the Montis with no dog and a big hole in their hearts and home.

Let Jeff tell you the story from here:

We knew we would have to have another dog so started looking NEAR and far. Oh, look, TART has siblings. Are we crazy enough to go to Texas to get them? We talked with Kristen, Cheryl, and Becky. Duke and Duchess were litter mates, they had been well cared for but there had been a tragedy in their family and the owners decided it would be better for them to go to a new home that could give them all they needed, so they were surrendered to TART. These two needed to be placed together as they are so bonded. If they aren't in sight of one another, they go looking for each other. Duchess is 64 pounds, and Duke weighs 108!! It seems that everyone local wanted Duchess but no one wanted Duke. We filled out an application and NEAR gave us a great recommendation, but TART couldn't see how they could work with us so far away, flying the dogs was impossible. Nancy and I figured it out...we would fly down to Texas, meet the dogs, rent a car, and drive back to Rhode Island with them. And so we did. We met Cheryl and Becky and Duke and Duchess at Becky's Countryside Pet Resort. It is a beautiful, spotless, roomy care center for all kinds of pets. Duke and Duchess were living in luxury in their temporary home.

Duke getting "lovies" from Becky at the kenne
Meeting the Montis - Duke, Nancy, Jeff and Duchess

Duchess getting comfy in the car for the trip
Greetings and meetings finished, we headed north.
The dogs were great in the car. They sat and watched the world go by, slept a lot, while occasionally getting up for a stretch and giving their humans kisses from over the back seats. Overnight at a motel in Memphis, then back in the car, we just wanted to get home with the pups. Everywhere we stopped, people came and asked us about them, took pictures, and just thought they were wonderful. It will never cease to amaze me how much friendlier everyone is when there are pups around! Another night at a motel in Virginia, up early, and finally we got home. They settled right in. Duke claimed the couch and Duchess liked the spot behind the couch under the piano. The next day lots of sniffing, enjoying the soft green grass, the new smells of squirrels and chipmunks, rabbits and turkey, deer, woodchucks and fox, and all sorts of flowers. By day three we were are all getting into a routine. Duke and Duchess have found their forever home and it is overflowing with love None of this would be possible without the immense amount of work done by Airedale Rescue For years Barbara and Denis have brought love into our hearts and home and now Becky and Cheryl have come into our extended Airedale family. 

As I sit here writing this, I am thinking about all the great dogs we have had come to live with us and how much joy and love they have brought with them. Everyone connected to Airedale Rescue provides such a great service that "Thank you" somehow doesn't seem adequate, but here it is...THANK YOU. Duke, Duchess, Nancy and me

Ah, Home at Last!
Oh, Jeff and Nancy, it is we who thank you. You have always given our dogs the kind of life and home we want dogs to have, and this time you truly went "the extra mile"...make that two thousand extra miles (each way). Barbara, Becky, and Cheryl

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  1. Jeff and Nancy are very special people and we are so happy for Duke and Duchess! Airedale Rescue rocks!

  2. Rescue loves families like these. such a great story and D&D are so lucky to have Jeff and Nancy.

  3. Duke and Duchess are so very lucky to have people like Jeff and Nancy willing to go the extra mileS for them. wow! what a great story!