The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Frances Martin and Jan Wiles wrote: Before Mason came into rescue, he was frequently found wandering the streets of a small Oklahoma town. He was a friendly boy and was no stranger to animal control. The last time he was picked up, he wasn't claimed so rescue was called. He was picked up and taken in for a health exam. It was determined that Mason was about 7 years old, in good health except for some damage to one of his eyes. An appointment with an ophthalmologist determined that Mason's eye had been injured (most likely by a blunt object such as a stick) long ago and there was no way to repair it. Not to worry. Mason still has one good eye and does just great!

Candy writes: The morning when I received the email about Mason and saw this photo, I just burst out laughing. It made my day! What a face - a real tough looking character but so endearing!

Frances & Jan continue: During Mason's time in rescue, he was frequently taken out to local walking trails, lakes, and pet supply stores. He was one happy guy to be out on the town! Happily, Mason has been adopted and his mom is very dedicated to giving Mason everything he needs to be a happy and healthy Airedale.  She fell in love with him, previously owned Standard poodles, liked big dogs, walks daily, and so Mason found his forever home. His owner believes that while she is at work, he sleeps on the sofa. When she is at home, he never does, so that's the secret she believes he is hiding from her. He is living in a very comfortable home and enjoying life. 

This dog’s life was changed forever because Airedale Rescue funds were available to address his health problems. The adopter felt confident in the health report that we gave her with her adoption contract. 

Hey, where's my treat?!
Are we going somewhere?
  Like the Pet Shop for treats and toys...
The winner of the Hypertufa Pot is Mary Ann May-Pumphrey of San Jose, CA.  Congratulations, Mary Ann!

Your donation makes you eligible to win Incentive #9.  You are also eligible to win the the main quilt or one of the 4 bonus quilts/wall hangings.  Your donations support Airedales in need so it's a win-win all around.


  1. What a handsome boy Mason is! We're so happy to hear that he is living the good life ☺

  2. congratulations to Mary Ann... that is a great prize! and mason--you are super adorable! and I think he hit the jack pot!