The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Artist:  Patty Eisenbraun
Block Maker:  Candy Kramlich

Front of Block
Back of Block
This is the 2nd block I have made for the Quilting Bee. My block this year was inspired by my 8 year old Airedale, Pinky (Buonaires Tuscadero). She also answers to Pinklet and Pink-a-dink, among other names. I adopted her a year and a half ago and she is quite the JOY in my life. When I first got her, I was told she needed to be crated when I wasn’t home. So every time I left for work or to run errands, I would give her a couple of Blue Buffalo Banana biscuits as “bye-bye cookies”. I learned that she loved the Oatmeal/Banana/
Peanut Butter cookies that June Mara makes for her dogs so I got the recipe from June. I made them and they are delicious and fit for human consumption as well, probably better for you than a regular cookie because they have less fat and sugar. Pinky was in 7th heaven! That became her new “bye-bye cookie”. The next time I had to crate her after making the cookies, I couldn’t find Pinky. Now my main floor is not that big and she was not in the kitchen, living area or bathroom. I found her in my bedroom in her crate sitting at attention with her tail wagging while she eagerly waited for her “cookies”. That was my laugh for the day and she continues to make me laugh each day with her antics. So that is why I picked the Bakery as my shop for the 2013 Quilt. Patty Eisenbraun, the block artist for Pink’s Bakery, caught the right expression.

Since January 1st, 2013 I am happy to report, Pinky has been crate-free, but when it is time for me to leave, she goes into the bedroom onto her dog bed and waits patiently for her treats.

Sometimes there are slight changes from the original drawing to the actual final applique. Since I am a relative beginner, sometimes my spacing is off and then I can’t fit everything in or the shape or size may be difficult for me to do so I adapt the pattern slightly to fit my level of expertise or lack thereof. My embroidery skills on the cookie tray and shelf lines leave a lot to be desired, but I can tell you that each time you do it, the next time comes out better. I didn’t sew my finger to the background material this year so that’s progress!

Here's the artist's rendition of my inspiration
And here are some progress photos of the block:

   Drawing the design onto
                    the stabilizer              
A closer look at the placement &
pinning of pieces

Trying out possible piece
Here's the finished sign in the
embroidery hoop
Hint - there will be a Surprise Doggie Incentive tonight.  Pinky thinks the dogs deserve surprises too!

*Remember Incentive #10 ends on Sunday, Sept. 15th, 
at 8 PM EDT.*

Not only does your donation make you eligible to win the main quilt or one of the bonus quilts, but if you donate between Sept. 10th and Sept. 15th, you might be one of 2 winners of Incentive #10.

Thank you for supporting Airedale Rescue. All the Rescue Airedales thank you! And so do all the Airedale Rescue volunteers because your donation makes it possible for them to continue to do what they do best – rescue Airedales in need.

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  1. We just love this beautiful block and we love the story of your bye-bye cookies, Pinky!