The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Incentive #12 runs from Friday, September 20th, 12:01 AM PST until Sunday, September 22nd at 8 PM EDT.



PiCassieO Pendant
Donor: Beth Stafford

You met Beth Stafford and her artistic Airedale, Cassie, in a previous post on the August 8th blog. Beth’s younger rescue Airedale, Calli, has recently started her own artistic career.

“I have a junior Airedale-in-training who is showing a totally different style. We’re calling her work “CalliGraphy”. She is quite a change from my other two ‘dales – very laid back and quiet most of the time, and not nearly as energetic in her “brushwork” as Cassie was. She is bringing out my quirkier alter artist, I think – judge for yourself! The prints will soon be available on my website.

"I always do proofs of the prints in smaller sizes to get the colors right. Couldn’t stand to throw them away, so I started using them four years ago in pendant jewelry – tiny abstracts under glass. Then I discovered other great findings for bracelets and rings, and pendant trays to “frame” them. Some of them are in my Etsy store, with more to be listed when I get a “round tuit”. The fun never stops! In addition to being featured on my website ( with my other art, the works are available at
and at I also have a page on Face Book ( There you will see the latest developments.

I didn’t mention so far, but Calli came to me with a ton of cuteness and mischief and also with a previously undetected nervous disorder that may or may not be epilepsy (no one is really sure exactly what it is). Life has been pretty exhausting these last eight months, so I’m a little behind on work!


"Straw Hat Girl" T-Shirt
Winner’s choice of a size between medium and XX large
Donated by Lori Taylor

Straw Hat Girl is one of the most popular blocks from the 2012 Quilt. Wouldn’t you love to wear it on this short-sleeved T-shirt! The winner can choose a size between medium and XX large.

Front of Mug

"Straw Hat Girl" Mug Donated by Lori Taylor
Back of Mug

Be sure to read about some more of my Rescue memories - Scooby/Buddy & Chester, young Aireboys, who had a hard start in life but ended up having long, delightful, love-filled lives. Stories below this post.

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