The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The winner of Incentive #13 is Joanne Hartfield of Noblesville, IN.  Congratulations, Joanne, and thank you for supporting the Quilt fundraiser and National Airedale Rescue!

Artist: Christie Williams Correction: Patty Eisenbraun is the artist of this block.  My apologies.
Block Maker: Nancy Messier

Front of Block
Back of Block
Finished shop sign ready to be
shipped off to the block maker
Nancy’s original inspiration: “I originally thought it would be cute to have a 'dale looking through an empty frame, but the concept didn’t work out as planned.” Instead the drawing became a closed frame shop with a lonely Airedale looking in."

This block probably epitomizes what is happening in small towns all around the country today. The economy has hit many people hard. High rent or mortgages that are not affordable can force a person to make the decision to close a business. They may have had a foreclosure on their home. As a result, the small business is often lost. These decisions are hard on the family and the pets. Often when this happens, the dog is left to a rescue group like Airedale Rescue. This Airedale is down on its luck, just like the closed store, waiting for a home.

Won't you support National Airedale Rescue by your donation and have an opportunity to win the main quilt or one of 4 unique quilts/wallhangings.


Last night's Surprise Incentive winner is Pam Vandergrift, who won a pair of Airedale earrings made and donated by Jeanne Esmond.

Don't forget that there is the $10,000 milestone incentive for the person whose donation puts us at the $10,000 mark. It's a set of 3 beautiful Airedale ornaments designed by Ann Curran of Ragtail Airedales and made by Jan Williams of ArcticAire.


  1. We love this block and we love watching the thermometer climb on the sidebar!
    Airedale Rescue rocks!

  2. Congratulations to Pam! We love the earrings!