The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Lori Taylor set up two tables at the Hospitality Room in the headquarters hotel Thursday evening and wrote the following email and shared the attached photos tonight.  She will be back on the road tomorrow to go set up the quilt display tent and the Rescue booth at the show site for Sunday.

The quilts were soooooooo well-received by EVERYONE!!! Everyone was in awe of Airedales Around Town. I heard – many times – “You ladies just keep outdoing yourselves every year. We don’t think that’s possible but each year, you manage to do it!! That quilt is just magnificent! Awesome!” As people would gaze at it, I would ask them if they had spotted the “hidden message” in the quilting along the border – and then I would point it out to them! First they would laugh, knowingly, and agree with the message itself and then they would express AWE that it had been quilted into the quilt! Then, when I would tell people that there were FOUR bonus quilts and point to each of them and explain how they could be eligible to win one of them…WELL, that definitely sparked the multiple sales of the tickets. $25 came out of nowhere instead of $5 or $10! You know the Harmony in Red quilt was a BIG inspiration to a lot of the folks! But ALL of the bonus quilts were very much adored and wanted by the onlookers! ALL of them! There were a lot of giggles over Bitches in Season. One lady said she had FOUR bitches at home and so that would be the perfect quilt for her to take home! So she bought 5 tickets for the chance! Andy peeking through the berries was loved! And oh people loved the Airedale in the Texas Bluebonnets.

So…Cindy and I sold $635 in tickets at Hospitality. A lot of folks asked where else we would be (would we be at Obedience or Devon?) and we were sure to tell them that there and on Sunday at Montgomery were their ONLY two chances left to buy tickets.

I’ve attached a few pics. They aren’t great pics but it was the best I could do without getting in people’s way. They provided us with two tables and all the room we wanted. We were beside the Fine Arts Raffle and got to see Terry Steven’s vase in person. Awesome! Cindy and I both bought tickets – and then that girl came over and bought tickets from US!

We were WARMLY welcomed by the Hospitality chair and several other members of the hospitality committee and we couldn’t have asked for a more friendly reception. I witnessed a couple people in the room explaining to OTHER people how the quilt ticket “structure” worked and WHY they should buy $25 worth of tickets! And then they did! How about that?


  1. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing the photos! Whoo Hoo on your excellent reception. You stitch together blocks and relationships! xxoo

  2. what an awesome and professional display. it looks fantastic! thanks Lori for all your hard work. this just wouldn't happen if you weren't there to do it for the Bee and the the Airedales. Hope you sell tons more tickets on Sunday. but of course, i have the winning ticket! haha

  3. How exciting this is! Only 2 more days to go!