The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The final total 
for the 
2013 "Airedales Around Town" 
quilt fundraiser is 

Thank you everyone for your support.  We'll see you next year with 
another fabulous quilt and bonus quilts!

Here's the response of the winner of "Airedales Around Town", Marcia Hogsed when she received the call from   Lydia Ross. Lydia writes: "I just wanted everyone to know that I phoned Marcia to tell her she was the winner. She was awestruck and reduced to tears.  She said—"I’ve never won anything like this, I’m so excited! We're doing the happy dance at our house! The Airedales around Town quilt will soon be on it's way to North Carolina! I am so excited and can't believe we won! (And yes, I know - every sentence has an exclamation point!)  I'm still in shock. Thank you, Lydia, for making my day. We're off to dance some more!"

Marcia, Walter, Wilma & Sid (we're worried about our mom, she's positively giddy!)

"Andy in the Berry Patch" winner, Jeanne Esmond wrote:  Happy dancing in Northern Virginia!!!  I won the bonus quilt "Andy in the raspberries" !! This is too funny as my current Airedale, Sandy, came to me named Andy.  My youngest niece's nickname was Andy and she was not happy that a dog had her name. So when I adopted him, I changed his name to Sandy after Little Orphan Annie's Airedale, also a male to make it easy on everyone. Wouldn't you know it, she was surprised that I did that and told me to change his name back!

"Bitches in Season" winner, Denise St. John, wrote: Thank you Quilting Bee for your generosity. I am the lucky winner of Bitches in Season and what an honor to have one of your gorgeous quilts hanging in my home, and special thanks to Christie and Candy who designed and created this bonus quilt. Congratulations to all the other winners, especially the rescue Airedales who will benefit from the Quilting Bee's creative talents and generosity.

"Harmony in Red" winner, Ellen Tung, after much deliberation, has generously decided to donate this beautiful quilt back to The Bee so that an Airedale lover can have the opportunity to own and cherish it.  Ellen and her husband are dog lovers and have adopted 3 dogs from their local shelter over the years since I've known them as well as supported me in my Airedale Rescue activities when I lived in NY.  Murphy, was a pit bull puppy female who lived a long and happy life with them; Harry, was an older male beagle, who enjoyed a wonderful rest of his life with them and Murphy, and now they currently own "Wilson", a sweet little 4 yr. old boy, possibly a spaniel/golden mix, that they adopted a few years ago.  The Bee thanks Ellen for her gracious generosity so this lovely quilt will continue to raise funds for National Airedale Rescue.

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  1. What an awesome grand total! We are thrilled for Airedale Rescue and so happy for the quilt and bonus quilt winners!