The quilt measures 64" x 71"


The lucky winner of the "Airedales Around Town" quilt is Marcia Hogsed.   This unique and lovely quilt measures 55" x 71" and was made by the collaboration of the artists and block makers of The Airedale Quilting Bee. The artists used the block makers' inspirations to create the block designs that typify the little shops one might find in any small town.  

The bonus wall hanging titled "Airedale in Texas Bluebonnets" was won by        Kim Nuzzo.  It was designed and hand quilted by Joyce Miller and measures approximately 17" x 17.5".  This stylized Airedale head is nestled in a bed of Texas Bluebonnets, one of Joyce's favorite flowers.

 The bonus wall hanging, "Andy in the Berry Patch" was won by Jeanne Esmond.  This wall hanging was made by Susann Trandem and measures 17" x 21".  The inspiration for this wall hanging was a photo of Lydia Ross's Aireboy, Andy, hiding and munching among the berry bushes in the backyard.

The bonus wall hanging titled "Bitches in Season" was won by Denise St. John. It is a whimsical, 4-block, Airedale caricature designed by Christie Williams.  Made by Candy Kramlich, it measures approximately 28" x 27.5".  It was embellished with decorative buttons to depict the four seasons and to add interest and texture.

 The last bonus offering, a beautiful redwork quilt titled "Harmony in Red" was won by  Ellen Tung.  It was a collaborative effort by Carolyn Finlayson and Sharon DeBoer.  It measures approximately 54" x 72".  Seven embroidered Airedale blocks are outlined with a red print border and surrounded by pieced blocks in the Irish triple chain pattern.  The various shades of red fabric contrast beautifully with the creamy white fabric.  This is truly a beautiful work of art.

The final total for the 2013 Airedale Rescue Quilt fundraiser will be announced on the blog once we get home from Montgomery and today's show.  The final tally will be announced once all the figures are tallied.  Stay tuned...


  1. Congratulations to all of the winners! We are absolutely thrilled for everyone!

  2. Congratulatoins to the winners! Congratulations to the wonderful Quilting Bee! Congratulations to all of the Airedales that have been helped because of your efforts!

  3. So, will "Harmony in Red" be re-raffled or put on an ebay auction or what? It was the item I most wanted to win so I'm thrilled Ms. Tung donated it back. But it's not clear what we have to do to try again to win it!

    1. Mary Ann: I don't check the blog too often since it's ended but just happened to see your comment tonight. It will be offered as a bonus quilt in 2014 so you'll have another opportunity.