The quilt measures 64" x 71"


He really does look like a "Teddy Bear"
A Craig's List ad stating that a "Black and Tan Wire Fox Terrier needed a home" put me in contact with the good Samaritans who took Teddy into their home, well actually their front porch. I think Teddy was travelling south from Exit 200 off of I-40 in Oklahoma. He had walked a distance of almost 11 miles of farm and ranch properties when he finally reached the cattle ranch home of Gloria and John. They are an elderly couple who have a big heart for dogs that are in need of help. They have given a home to 2 female dogs that wandered up to their ranch. They found Teddy barking and whimpering at their property gate one evening.

Teddy was probably the runt of the litter, undocked tail and dew claws, but a very charming fellow. Gloria and John, being very cautious, gave Teddy some chow and water and a rug on the front outside porch with the light on. They were concerned that he might harm their 2 healthy older rat terrier type mixes. He stayed the night and was a very good guest, but still not allowed inside the house. He had been living there, following the rules of the house, for approximately 4 days.

When I arrived and saw that we did not have a Wire Fox, but an Airedale, not a Welsh, I knew that he would have an interesting story to tell if he could. Gloria and John had checked with the local Sheriff's office and Humane Society and there were no reports of a lost Airedale Terrier, nor Wire Fox. I told them that I noticed several large truck stops around the exit off the I-40. I wondered if he could have been left there by accident. Someone stopped and let him out, no collar or leash evident when found by Gloria and John, owner couldn't locate him and drove off. Teddy had the answers and I would find out soon enough.

Loaded him up in the crate in the car and off we went to return home. Teddy had settled in the crate and not a sound was heard from him. As I approached the I-40 interchange, I was driving up on a bridge over the interstate in order to turn left and enter the interstate to return West to OKC. While waiting for the light change, several over-the-road Big Trucks pulled up next to my vehicle, one on each side of my vehicle. Teddy started yelping in distress, trying to exit the crate, windows were closed because it was July and 100 degrees in the shade, but I knew why he was frantic! He remembered his home, Big Trucks. I will never forget the sound of his barking trying to alert us. So his story is something like the following. Truck driver stops, let's him out, driver can't find him, driver has a schedule, driver leaves him.
Unfortunately, without ID tags or microchip, no lost Airedale posters, and no response to found Airedale notices, there was no way to reunite him with his owner.

As I drove back to Oklahoma City, I remember that a previous adopter's male had recently crossed the Bridge. I contacted Penny and Rocky Cook who wanted to meet this boy. After being checked out by the vet, who estimated Teddy's age at about 7- 8 months, they adopted Teddy. He is still the sweet boy, although his sister Anna may disagree about that.

(Editor's note: This is why it is so important to make sure your dog is microchipped and exercised on a leash outside of a fenced area, especially in a new or strange location.)

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  1. What a handsome boy Teddy is! Bless you Airedale Rescue and Penny and Rocky♥