The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Pancho in back and Polly in foreground
Pancho and Polly were released to Airedale Rescue by their elderly owners because they could no longer care for them.  They needed everything - spay/neuter, vaccinations, tests for heartworm, Valley Fever and tick fever. They are both very sweet and friendly with people. They have never lived inside. They were in a pen near their owner's front gate and it was their job to make sure their owners knew if anyone was approaching. They enjoy this job and perform it with gusto (i.e., very noisy fence fighting was their only recreation). They rarely saw any other humans or dogs.
Their pen near the front gate
PANCHO is 11, and is a sweet old guy. POLLY is 5, and is a sweet, energetic girl who needs a lot of training.  Her owners were already quite old when they purchased her as a puppy and because she was too wild for them to handle, they would give her food and water through the fence. We managed to get them groomed, but they were so matted that they had to be shaved down. Polly was not at all cooperative and there was no way to get her head properly groomed on the first try, but they were much more comfortable in the extremely hot temperatures Arizona was suffering under at the time (108 degrees and higher). They quickly adjusted to the joys of living inside an air conditioned house.  With the freedom to come and go through a dog door, they house trained themselves within two days!

Shaved down and cooler

Pancho Groomed
Polly Groomed

Update:  Polly finally let us groom her head (still need to work on those eyebrows).  She is making great strides. 

Polly Update 2:  Polly is adapting very well in her new home with an Airedale brother.  Her owners report that she is finally sticking up for herself when Lennox tries to steal her treats. They are getting along great and it's a true joy to see them romp and play in the backyard. See the latest Polly video below.

Pancho Update 1:  Pancho is still in foster care with Sidney and her pack. Sweet Pancho keeping an eye on the watering. He follows me everywhere and gathers up all the abandoned toys to bring back to his outdoor bed. He seems to favor the discs from Costco.
Pancho and toys in his "lair" at Hardiedale Acres

Pancho Update 2: Pancho with his new family. You just have to love people who enthusiastically adopt a senior. Pancho is their third Airedale and their son has an Airedale and a Westie. Pancho is in heaven. From life on a chain under a trailer to an elegant home and elegant owners. I was worried about the white carpet. "Oh heavens . It is old and has been peed on many times." I love these people!! I feel like Pancho must be saying "I always knew that I was switched at birth. Thank goodness my real people finally found me."
Pancho watching the world go by in his new home


  1. What GREAT stories! We are so happy for Polly and Pancho!

  2. So glad they have found such great families.

  3. So happy to see Pancho and Polly have found families who adore them. Airedale Rescue makes an incredible difference to the lives of Airedales in need - thank you.