The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Fiber Artist:  Carol Palmer
Artist:  Jane Miller

Quilted Block

Sharon DeBoer wrote:  Once we had decided on the Leap Year/ Leap Y'Aire theme, I scoured the internet and Pinterest for photos of Airedales or dogs leaping. We needed twelve ideas, and I was hoping to find adequate inspiration from some of my favorite Airedale web hangouts. This is a photo I ran across, and I think it was the dog's teeth that made me laugh, or maybe just the size of the open mouth that caught my eye! I forwarded this to our artist.

Inspiration Photo
Original Drawing

In real life, Carol has a beautiful Airedale with more of the red/brown coloring in his furnishings, not the typical tan that we usually see. She did a beautiful job of capturing the essence of Waldo in her block. He's a wild and crazy guy, and he does have the coloring of the 'Dale in her block.

Progress Photo


  1. Beautiful job, Carol and Jane! We love your block♥

  2. It really captures the essence of the antics of our 'dales, love it!

  3. That is super cute!!! well done Carol and Jane.