The quilt measures 64" x 71"


JESSIE came into rescue when her human died. She is 9 years old and you would never know it. She is exceptionally well mannered and happy, and she loves her Airedale buddies. She loves the little Rat Terriers as well ... although her attempts to play with them sometimes overwhelms them, she still tries. She has a big and happy heart.

ODIE was placed in a nice home when he was 2 and proved to be a good boy. At the age of 7, he scared the grandmother and she said she couldn't live with the big dog. When that happened, the father of the household decided that his mother had the upper hand and poor Odie had to go. Although I did not place him, I was the closest Volunteer and took Odie back into rescue the very day the call was received.  (I have learned never to ask questions when someone decides to give up an Airedale ... I only think of the Airedale.) Odie is here at the ranch learning to be around a lot of other dogs and we are working on his patience .

SASSY spent her first year of life working on being a hunting dog, she was either running, working on learning how to hunt or living on a chain outside all the time. While she loved the chase she wasn’t interested in hurting or killing anything so into rescue she came. She needed a thorough check up and blood work to make sure she didn’t have lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever or valley fever as she came in with some very suspicious bites and a couple of ticks. She also needed to have foxtails removed from deep inside her ears, not to mention being spayed. After a lot of time, care and love we are proud to say that Sassy is in her new home, never to be on a chain again.

Here is a picture of her family and a picture of her new mom singing her to sleep. The latest message from her family “She has been awesome. We’re all three really happy.”


  1. Look at Jessie's face. She is so cute and her story is a good one. Odie looks like a good boy and We hope he settles in for a soft landing. Another happy ending with Sassy. What a lucky girl being sung to. I know when I sing to my dogs they howl!

  2. What great stories these are! I'm so glad I donate to help them all.

  3. Thank you for posting these stories! These dogs are so deserving. Thank you volunteers, adopters and quilt donors!