The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Rusty in shelter at 9 months old
Linda Teagarden wrote this about Rusty.  These dog stories just rock your world, don't they? Well for all the happy endings, there are some pretty sad beginnings. There is a 6 year old neutered boy in a Los Angeles suburb, who was pulled out of a shelter when he was about 9 mos old and went to live with a family - his name is Rusty. Fast forward to last Thanksgiving. His family was breaking up and he needed a new forever home. He had lived very happily for the past 5.5 years with other dogs, and kids. Rusty is sweet and docile which is a good thing because he weighs 70 lbs. and his leash training, puppy school and that kind of stuff was neglected. 

Rusty at 5.5 years old back in Rescue
Rusty has always been groomed at home; unfortunately, as you can see with our rescue volunteer, SoCal Airedale Rescue got him surrendered, and then vetted and groomed.  

He went to stay with Aunt Sue in the San Bernardino Mountains and LOVED her puppies. 

By Christmastime, Rusty was in a new home with loving, retired pawrents, Don and Sherri. AND for New Years, they got him a beautiful younger sister, also through SoCal Rescue. She is 2 and a live wire. Rusty and Harper live in Santa Barbara, California.

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