The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Barley (formerly known as Marley because he was covered in dreadlocks when he was found) was a stray whose owner never came to claim him and that the shelter could not place, so they contacted Airedale Rescue and asked us to take him. He was a bag of bones when we got him - only 45.5 lbs. He is now on his way to his proper weight of about 70 lbs. He was estimated to be around 2 or 3 years old. He had no training when he arrived, but was very,very sweet and affectionate.

First Haircut

So  Handsome & Confident Looking

Our volunteers transported Marley/Barley, visited him frequently at the kennel, groomed him, took him to classes, worried about him, loved him and did everything they could to get him ready for a new home. They said they had never seen a dog in such poor condition. He was not only starved for physical nutrition, but also for human affection. Because he had kennel cough, he had to be kept at the vet's facility in isolation for two weeks. He was covered with ticks and looked like he had never been groomed. It took a couple of weeks to get him feeling well enough to be groomed. Once he recovered from the kennel cough, we moved him to a boarding kennel where our volunteers continued to visit and work with him several times a week, while we looked for the right forever home. By the time we found one, Barley was well on his way to recovering his health - he had already gained several pounds, and learned a few tricks. His new family came fully equipped with a couple of teenaged boys to help Barley utilize the young, enthusiastic Airedale energy he was starting to exhibit.

Here are some photos of Barley in his new home:

Home at Last!


  1. What a handsome boy you are, Barley, and we are so very happy for you! Thank you so much Airedale Rescue♥

  2. Love those expressive eyes and wow, what a transformation. So happy Barley made it into rescue.