The quilt measures 64" x 71"


GRIFFIE is 12 years young this September. We are extremely GRATEFUL to everybody at NAR for the help with the ongoing medical maintenance of some of Griffie's issues (limping, anxiety and digestive). 

However, the most profound intervention and help from NAR/Senior Fund was given to us in early 2016. In January 2016, as we were getting ready for Greg's Melanoma surgery, Griffie suffered a sudden and unexpected onset of a Glaucoma, an ocular tumor that later did burst, and a loss of vision in his left eye. It all happened overnight, a day before our trip to the UC San Francisco for Greg's surgery. We rushed Griffie to the vet and were given quite a handful of medications to try to control his condition and pain. An eye removal surgery was scheduled the soonest possible. 

However, in the meantime, a mass that Griffie had on his left shoulder for a few years now, that we were monitoring closely, has started growing very fast, and oozing. Another trip to a vet, an aspiration and we decided that removal of this mass was a priority, given a speed at which it grew. Surgery #1 was a success. Ten days later, when Griffie was strong enough to endure the second surgery, we took him to an Animal Eye Clinic specializing in eye surgeries and yet again, it was a success and Griffie was under the anaesthesia significantly less time than expected, and the good news was that the tumor was all contained within the eye and therefore was removed completely, so was his left eye. Griffie since has healed beautifully and now goes by the name of Griffie-The-One-Eyed-Pirate-Captain.

Both surgeries, and all the medical intervention, and Griffie's life today were all made possible thanks to financial help from NAR/Senior Airedales Fund, for which we are deeply and endlessly GRATEFUL. THANK YOU!!! In that last picture Griffie wishes to offer his Kisses to all who helped and love him. 

The Shubins: Nata, Pa Greg and Griffie (and the ABC Team at the Rainbow)

Nata makes beautiful jewelry and donates to the National Airedale Rescue Senior Fund from every sale.  Please check out her pieces at Etsy:

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  1. What a handsome boy you are, Griffie! Bless you NAR♥
    Your jewelry is just beautiful, Nata!