The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Regine Wend Griffin has adopted 4 dogs from us - SWAT and SoCal Airedale Rescue. My favorite Serial Adopter! First there was Tony, then Henri, and finally last year when she was down to one old dog, she wanted the little Welsh Terrier that I adopted out of the San Diego shelter.  We took him up to her country house and true to the spirit of the WTs, he ran around and inspected the two acres.and took right over! His name was Charlie - or as we said, Charles in Charge! 

Charles in Charge - the Welshie
Charles and Henri
The two boys, Henri and Little Charlie got along like best pals, so it was tough on him when Henri died last fall. Regine called to let me know and said that she would like to find another companion for the little Welsh to help keep him occupied! 

Big Charlie at the shelter
So as luck would have it, that same week there was an Airedale taken into the shelter in Lake Elsinore, CA not far from where Regine and Little Charlie live. She went to see him and in spite of a few obvious problems, determined to take him home. He was microchipped, but his owners were no longer interested in him when contacted. His name is Charlie too and he is another senior at 8 years old and given to Rastafarian dreadlocks! Quite a difference after grooming and several trips to the vet to get ear, eye and skin infections treated, complete set of x-rays for his spondylitis that NAR paid for. The Two Charlies are boon companions, but the little guy still rules the roost!
Big Charlie groomed


  1. My rescue Charlie gives a big 4 paws up to the Charlies in California!

  2. What a great story of the two Charlies and what a handsome boy Charlie the Airedale is all groomed!

  3. Don't you just love Serial Adopters and their Adoptees! Congratulations to all of the Charles's!

  4. Amazing transformation! What a difference you all make, thank you!