The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Congratulations to Judy Luckett of San Antonio, TX!  Her donation today, 9/29,  put us over the $20,000 mark!

Made and donated by Sandra Merwin

The person whose donation puts the thermometer at the $20,000 mark will become the proud owner of this original painting by Sandra Merwin.  This is an Original Merwin Mixed Media that is 9 inches x 12 inches.

According to her clients, Sandra Merwin is one of the best Animal Artists in America.  In reality, she is an acclaimed, award-winning artist whose art is appreciated and sold worldwide.  She has the unique ability to capture the personality and spirit of her subject.  Her paintings are fresh and expressive.  She usually creates "alla prima", meaning without an under drawing of any sort.  This direct painting method creates an emotional spontaneity that cannot be duplicated.

As an artist, Sandra is known for her dramatic motion and bold, confident paint strokes that convey movement, spirit and energy.  Kinetic energy springs from her paintings as she uses line, color, texture and light to translate motion and fluidity in a style that is uniquely hers.  As a result, many of her clients seek her talent to capture the unique personality and character of a beloved animal.  Her book, "Airedales in Art", includes 65 full-color images of her original Airedale paintings.  Her most recent book, "The Horse Art of SJ Merwin" honors the connection between horses and humans since the beginning of time through art and includes more than 40 of her horse paintings.

As a third generation Montanan, she grew up surrounded by animals and the big skies of Montana.  From the Prong Horn Antelope and Angus cattle that grazed in nearby fields to the Tennessee Walker she rode, Sandra experienced the movement and essence of these animals.  Now as an artist, she takes her love of Montana and animals and puts it on canvas.  As a result, her painting of "Jag" belongs to the 23rd Governor of Montana, and her art has graced the covers of numerous magazines.  She was also the featured artist in two galleries; and Sandra's painting "Trifecta" is in the permanent collection of the Billings Clinic.  It hands in the lobby of the Billings Cancer Center.

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