The quilt measures 64" x 71"


A family contacted ATRVA to say they could no longer take care of the family dog and arranged a meeting for the transfer. Volunteers anticipate a painful parting when life circumstances force people to relinquish a beloved dog. But one look and it was clear what kind of care this family had provided, and Rescue was seen as an opportunity to get rid of an inconvenient pet. Griffin had severe skin and digestive issues and been dosed with a bulk antibiotic used for fish tanks. The ATRVA representative stifled her outrage as she led Griffin over to her car to make their escape.

The removal of a layer of dirt and grooming very shaggy sticky hair revealed that Griffin's entire body was covered in scabs and oozing sores. His paws were bleeding where he had been gnawing at the itch, and the unmistakable stench of a yeast infection rose from his skin. Fortunately, one of ATRVA's most experienced and resolute volunteers was willing and able to take him in. She soon discovered that Griffin's owners had done one thing right: naming him after the heraldic creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. Griffin was one of nature's true gentlemen: well-mannered; cheerful under adversity; respectful of her three aged resident rescues; responsive to her offer of affection; cordial to the neighbors; patient with children; and even gentle with a vulnerable baby bird who happened to fall out of its nest into his path.

Griffin, 5 years old, and his foster mom embarked together on what would turn out to be a three-month-long quest to regain his health, requiring heroic persistence on her part and stoic endurance on his. Discouraging setbacks followed each incremental victory, as she, with the help of her vet, tried various medications and treatments for his complex and stubborn conditions, including twice weekly baths in medicated shampoo; daily applications of creams and ointments; nightly soaks for his paws; and home-cooked meals of rice and chicken. At last, the itching subsided and Griffin's skin began to heal. Then a faint fuzz of fur appeared and very gradually started to become the strong and resilient coat of which Airedales are justly proud. When the bittersweet day arrive and he was ready to move on to his forever home, only the best would do. His bighearted adopters love to ruffle his now luxurious hair, but, more, they appreciate that beneath his thick pelt beats the valiant heart of a true Prince of the Terriers. But, just in case, so that he never need be cold again, they bought him a warm, wooly cape for winter.

Griffin today with Aire-sister and former ATRVA rescue Mickey


  1. You made it, Griffin, and we are so happy for you! You are one handsome boy! Bless ATRVA!

  2. So happy Griffin is a much better place. Great work.

  3. Tears in my eyes. So very grateful for all who helped Griffin become the Airedale he was meant to be. This is what rescue, and this fundraiser, is all about! <3

  4. Thank you Cathy for providing his foster home and all your loving care. WOW what a transformation... and now in a perfect loving home for the rest of his life. AWESOME story!

  5. I love my Griffy. Fostering him was difficult because of the hours spent each day caring for all of his medical needs. But a tail wag and a slurpy kiss gave me energy. We went on long walks and he was well known in the neighborhood. We could not have met a better family. They can give him and Mickey (another rescue they adopted from ATRVA) more love than I. I was thrilled they adopted him.