The quilt measures 64" x 71"


KATIE, 2 years old, was an owner release due to a move. Katie was very upset to lose her family but found another family to love soon after she was given to rescue.  

Update from Katie's family:  Thank you so very much for making this happen. Katie is home and is driving her new brother crazy, he’s bigger…she’s faster it’s been fun to watch them bond over the last two days, last night was fun! We played musical beds, seemed like everyone wanted the others bed! Somebody forgot to mention a heightened prey drive…!  Thanks again we’re all delighted with the match!

Katie and new brother

I got the frisbee!!

CLARK was an owner turn in after a baby was born. He was such a gentleman and found a home with a lovely young lady who was looking for a senior Airedale. Clark is 8.

LEIA is just 2 and needs a special home, one where she is an only dog and where she will have a job, possibly Agility or obedience training competition.  Here is a photo of her working with one of the rescue volunteers.  She is currently training and learning some basic Agility.

AUTUMN came into Rescue like so many young Airedales, purchased as a cute puppy at a flea market, the owners were not at all prepared for the active, curious Airedale she grew into. Fortunately they contacted Texas Airedale Rescue and we were able to take her.

At 11 months old, Autumn seemed perfectly healthy and happy. She did need to be spayed prior to placement and while under anesthesia routine heart monitoring revealed an abnormal heartbeat that could be life threatening.

Thankfully the money that is raised by the Quilting Bee each year meant that we could get the funds to take Autumn to a specialist where it was determined that her heart was fine and we could place her with no worries. Autumn is now 18 months old and the darling of her new family.
Autumn with a small friend


  1. We are thrilled for all of these beautiful pups! Bless you, Airedale Rescue♥

  2. Great stories for all of these Airedales. I hope Leia gets into a permanent home soon. National rescue helps so many dogs and we thank all of our donors. Thank you to the Quilting Bee for the funds they have generated over the years.