The quilt measures 64" x 71"


FAITH, or Faith Hill as her foster Mom likes to call her, came into Texas Airedale Rescue in 2013. At first we thought she would be easily adoptable as she was truly smart and sweet. The Shelter had listed her at 3-4 years old. Once TART had gotten her and cleaned up all of the mats and long hair, we realized she was much older. Faith also tested positive for heartworms.

Treatment was arranged for Faith’s heartworms and she went to a foster home to stay during this treatment. She was such a charmer that the Foster family decided to adopt Ms. Faith and all was well for almost a year. The in August of 2014, Faith’s adopters had major changes in their lives that necessitated, with many tears, Faith returning to TART. At this point, Faith was pushing 10 or 11 years old, had arthritis and not many prospects for adoption. However, there was a White Knight waiting in the wings for Faith! TART has a wonderful Foster family that generously opens their doors to the old dogs and loves them until it is time for them to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Faith with her toys!
Since August of 2015, Faith has lived on a small farm with her foster family, being allowed to ramble as she wishes, meeting the farm animals and generally having a wonderful life. We did have a scare last December when we thought we were going to lose her, but thanks to the Senior Fund, we were able to pay Ms Faith’s bills and she came thru with flying colors!

PAMONA - This little girl was found running on an access road to an LA freeway! Captured by a passing Animal Control Officer, she was taken to the local shelter - no collar, no chip, no tags. A pretty common thing with strays in Los Angeles. A local San Diego lady, Penny, was looking for an Airedale to adopt as a companion for her young Berger Picard dog, and I told her about the 9 year old girl. So Penny drove to the LA shelter, and introduced the two dogs.  All seemed fine and later that week, the final paperwork was done and Pamona came home to San Diego County as a foster for our Rescue.  Like many shelter dogs, she had a few issues. She has a lame rear leg from an old knee injury that was not treated and, of course, she had kennel cough and several other treatable conditions. But she has a lovely regal sort of personality and is desperate for affection. There were a couple of dust-ups as the Berger Picard is a french shepherd herding dog and was a bit territorial...but like good sisters, they've managed to work things out!


  1. Sounds like Faith and Pamona were very lucky to have found their way into rescue... thank you to all rescue workers for all you do... so glad these girls could find the love they so deserve in their later years of life.

  2. what a great story! so glad everyone got a forever home.