The results are in this morning for the last Incentive drawing, Early 'Dale No. 9.  Congratulations!  We are all winners in this online incentive drawing - we surpassed our goal for the fundraiser yesterday. On the LAST day for online ticket donations, we raised $4,425!  That is so amazing and I am in awe of the power of the AIREForce.  What a fantastic job by the entire Airedale community, who have generously supported this fundraiser for two months and really came through to push us to our goal and beyond yesterday!

No. 9-1 Playbow Mudpup made and donated by Wendy Hodgson
Winner:  Ann Cosgrove

No. 9-2 Airedale Poses Throw donated by Denise Lucas
Winner:  Lisa Panno

No. 9-3 Framed Airedale Print "Sully" made and donated by Jane Miller
Winner:  Judy Luckett

No. 9-4 Scarf with "Dog on Wheels", artwork by Ann Curran, printed by Jan Williams, donated by both
Winner:  Barbara Bonfield

No. 9-5 Large Airedale Trio Frame donated by Delia Hardie
Winner:  Martha Calligan

And a HUGE round of applause and THANKS to Eileen Tedesco, our online ticket master, who has been kept very busy these past 2 months processing your donations and you really had her hopping yesterday!  Thank you, Eileen, for taking on this Herculean job again this year.  I think it is the hardest Bee job of all and you've stepped up each year that I've been a member of the Bee to handle it.


  1. Congratulations to the winners and thank you so very much, Eileen!

  2. WOOHOO! what a great amount for online sales and congratulations to all the winners! and thank you to CANDY for running a terrific blog!