Online ticket donations have closed, but there will be in-person ticket donations accepted on Thursday, Oct. 6th at the ATCA Hospitality Room in the headquarters hotel between 6 and 8 PM. The Quilt drawing will take place at the end of the evening. So stay tuned and check the Quilt Blog or the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee Facebook page to find out who won.  I will post the names of the Leap Y'Aire winner and the bonus wall hanging winners either that evening or the next day once Lori Taylor calls me with the results.

I just want to take the time to thank the Bee members who worked so hard to make the 2016 Airedale Rescue Quilt and Fundraiser come to fruition and those folks who generously donated items to be used for the Early 'Dale Drawings. And I can't forget the adopters and regional rescue groups that shared the Rescue stories and photos. They all contributed to making the 2016 Airedale Rescue Quilt Fundraiser a success! And I want to thank the AireForce, who for 2 months of the Quilt Blog and online ticket donations, kept us ahead of last year and at the end of the online portion, stepped up and in 2 days rallied and helped us reach our goal.  It was truly amazing to watch it unfold.  Words cannot express our gratitude to you all for your generosity.

Artists: Patty Eisenbraun,  Jane Miller, and Linda Hobbet
Fiber Artists (Blocks): Linda Bell, Karen Brown, Brenda Clare, Sharon DeBoer, Jeanne Esmond, Jeannette Grantner, Pam Jones, Carol Palmer, Marianne Perry, Sue Senerchia, Lori Taylor, Eileen Tedesco
Bonus Wall Hangings:  Karen Brown,
 Carolyn Finlayson, Candy Kramlich and Marianne Perry
Top Assembly: Sharon DeBoer
Machine Quilting: Sandy Lachowski
Quilt Label: Rebecca Eash
Final Assembly: Sharon DeBoer

Incentives Coordinator:  Virginia Slowik
Donation Processing: Eileen Tedesco & Sidney Hardie
Blog: Candy Kramlich with the wonderful help of Sidney Hardie and Lydia Ross
Montgomery Marketing: Lori Taylor

Internal Bee Website:  Holly Coes Harris
Slide Show Video: Jean Seibert
Steering Committee: Sharon DeBoer, Rebecca Eash, Candy Kramlich, Lydia Ross and Lori Taylor  - all helped to move the process along
Snail Mail Ticket Master:  Sidney Hardie
Ticket Master Extraordinaire (Online Sales):  Eileen Tedesco
Thank You Cards:  Lydia Ross

Early 'Dale Incentive Donors (in alphabetical order):
Ann Curran (Ragtail)
Barbara Curtis/New England Airedale Rescue
Henry Curtis (Hunting Henry)
Sharon DeBoer
Carol Fitch Domeracki (Anything Airedale)
Jeanne Esmond
Maryellen Estes
Dianna Fielder
Cheryl Fritz
Rebecca Gillmore (Collaration)
Delia Hardie
Tara Hirjak
Wendy Hodgson (MudPups)
Candy Kramlich
Denise Lucas
Sandra J. Merwin
Jane Miller
Ursula Obermann
Lydia Ross
Sue Senerchia
Virginia Slowik
Terry Stevens
Lori Taylor
Michelle Toland
Jan Williams (Arctic Aire)



  1. Thank you to everyone for huge efforts over the years! And thank you too, Candy. There is no way the Bee could have done any of this without you♥
    I have enjoyed so much working with the Bee - choosing themes and seeing the drawings that the artists have done. Working on my block was so much fun! And watching the assembly of all of the blocks to form the most beautiful AireQuilts ever. It's a huge amount of work and in the end Airedale Rescue wins and that's what it's all about. I am so honored to have been a part of all of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart♥

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    1. Year after year the quilts have been beautiful and have raised much needed funds for rescue Airedales - thank you to all the dedicated people who have volunteered their time, talent and support.