The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Sweetie Bird at Shelter
Sweetie Bird was dumped off at a rural shelter with no information - no name, no age, no history. Luckily, an all breed rescuer saw her there and alerted Airedale Rescue. When we got to the shelter, we found a tiny girl who was absolutely TERRIFIED of humans. We estimate she is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. She has had at least one litter of puppies. We speculate that she spent her life in a wire pen because most of her teeth were broken or worn down to the gums. It appears that she has had battles of some sort ... other dogs? wild animals? barbed wire? as evidenced by the little spots of hair on her ears, face and body that have grown in white because of some sort of trauma. After we had Sweetie spayed and brought up to date medically (several mammary tumors and most of her teeth had to be removed) we placed her on a foster-to-adopt basis with a very kind young woman who wanted nothing more than to love her and be loved back. Unfortunately, Sweetie's lifelong fear of humans was just too much to overcome and we decided it would be better to allow her to settle in to the foster family's pack. Despite the possibility that she has been attacked by other dogs, Sweetie is very comfortable with the pack. She enjoys hunting for lizards in the yard and has taught Big Buddy to help her. It is really funny to see 45 lb. Sweetie and 80 lb. Buddy hunting together. She and Rowdy flirt with each other and she has no hesitation in shoving him away from his dinner bowl! The upright has to stand guard over him so he doesn't let her have his dinner. She and her sister Casey have an understanding. They are both dominant females and treat each other with cautious respect. As of this writing, it has been almost 6 months since Sweetie was rescued. She will still duck her head and draw back if you reach out too quickly toward her and is very hesitant to go in or out of doorways unless the human gives her lots of space (she loves the freedom that the dog door gives her). But, she does enjoy giving and receiving affection from her foster mom and has become comfortable with a few friends as long as they are sitting down and let her make the approach. 

The white splotches on Sweetie's right ear are evidence of trauma

My sweet dancing girl

Sweetie flirting with Rowdy

Sweetie says person sitting with waffle in hand is not too scary (Casey in back)

Video of Sweetie tossing a toy around 
for the first time (behind Buddy and Rowdy)


  1. We are so happy that Sweetie has found her loving forever home. She's such a doll♥

    1. And she is very lucky to be living with the Hardi'Dales!

  2. Sweetie could not have a better human to work with. She is blessed to have S.H. & her dale brothers and sister. You are a SWEET GIRL.

  3. oh my gosh you need to post LONGER VIDEOS of that, What a HOOT. I wish I was closer. :-)

  4. what a terrific story of rescue....Sweetie landed in the lap of love forever. love that video!!