The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Curly on Arrival
Curly, a 2 year old male, is a failed police dog. He was purchased by a broker in Kentucky who buys dogs from all over the country for a man in Arizona who then trains them to be patrol, narcotics or explosives dogs for law enforcement. After working with Curly for six months, he decided Curly just didn't have the ball drive necessary to be successful and asked Airedale Rescue to find him a new home. He trains dogs by rewarding them with play and they have to be obsessed with the desire to find the ball. While Curly certainly loves to play fetch, in typical Airedale fashion, he can get distracted if something more interesting comes by. Curly may not have had what it takes to be a police dog, but he is one of the nicest dogs we have met, and one of the most handsome. After getting him groomed, neutered, up to date medically, and used to living in a house, we placed him with one of our waiting applicants. Curly is their third Airedale and they love him immensely. 

Handsome Curly after a haircut!

Napping, learning the joys of being an indoor dog

Curly with his new family

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  1. What a handsome boy you are, Curly! We are so happy for you☺