The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Fiber Artist:  Brenda Clare
Artist: Jane Miller

Quilted Block

Original Drawing
Finished Block before Quilting
Brenda Clare wrote this about how her block came to be:  My dog, Jackson, is lucky to have Janet, who takes him for a group hike a couple of times a week.  Jackson is a parti-poodle.  Janet has Elliott, an 8 year old rescue Airedale.  I do not have an Airedale.  We both live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Janet saw my quilts hanging on our walls and told me about your quilt fundraiser.  I volunteered to complete a block on her behalf.  We worked together on the theme (Airedale leaping over a beaver - very Canadian we thought) and the fabric selection.  Jane Miller, a Quilting Bee artist, did a really nice job and reflected what we wanted.

Using the fabric we selected, I appliqued the block and embellished with some embroidery.  


  1. Beautiful job, Brenda and Jane! We love your block☺

  2. That's what TEAM effort does! Thank you. it's very cute