The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Caution - Hankie Alert...(ed.)

Our ATRVA volunteer in West Virginia maintains good working relationships with area shelters, making her first on their call list when an Airedale is picked up as a stray. Olivia was a case in point, turned into a shelter with such evident signs of long-term neglect, that the shelter manager declared that she would take steps to sever the owner's rights, even if he did dare to show up to claim sweet little Olivia!

Olivia was so matted with dirt that her collar had to be cut off, the skin underneath rubbed raw. She had infected eyes and ears, abscessed and broken teeth, scabby exposed skin over a third of her body, eight different species of intestinal parasites, a yeast infection, anemia, dehydration, a nasty-looking tumor on her leg, and a body condition score of 2, indicating severe, long-term malnutrition. And, yet, despite all of these signs of trauma and abuse, had a remarkably sweet and affectionate disposition.

The vet agreed that Olivia needed two weeks to build her strength before she could withstand surgery for her teeth and the tumor. The surgery turned out to be so lengthy and involved, that the vet called during the procedure to recommend continuing the dental surgery after another period of rest and recovery. Prognosis for the tumor was good, but in the end, all but four of Olivia's teeth had to be removed. With a course of antibiotics, the infection in her ears was contained, but it had already rendered her permanently deaf. The eye infection was more resistant and would require ongoing treatment for the rest of her life. 
Olivia's Eye Infection

After three months of post-operative care and nurturing at the home of her rescuing ATRVA volunteer, Olivia was ready to move on to her adoptive home. A woman, who is also a pilot with Pilots n Paws, saw her on the ATRVA Facebook page and flew up from Florida to take Olivia back with her to a doggy paradise, where Olivia could walk on the beach, lie by the pool, ride in the car, and enjoy the warm sun on her fur. Sadly, after an all too brief three months, her body gave out. But after an unimaginably hard life, Olivia did, at last, get to experience the security of being loved and safe from harm. (Editor's note:  I am so thankful that Olivia had love and a caring home in the few months it turned out that she had left on this earth.  She was blessed and I imagine her adopters feel blessed as well despite the short time they had her.)
Boarding the plane to her new life!

Home at last -safe and sound and LOVED
Flying home!


  1. What a cutie Olivia was. Bless this woman from FL for giving her a loving forever home. We so wish that Olivia could have lived longer.

  2. Olivia will always remember the love and caring from her adoptive parents and ATRVA.

  3. Oh at the end and there is nothing better. What a great story, but such a sad ending.

  4. Olivia probably was so happy to be saved from her situation. Look how happy she looks. Those days in her adoptive home were probably her best days. We appreciate our adopters more than people know. Olivia may not have lived as long as one hopes, but the quality of life for that short time makes it worthwhile.

  5. While a lot of money was spent on Olivia, we didn't begrudge a cent of it. Even with all she had been though, she was the sweetest Airedale I've ever known. RIP Olivia from your foster mom.