The quilt measures 64" x 71"


Fiber Artist:  Karen Brown
Artist:  Mary Blood

Original Drawing

Karen Brown wrote this about her bonus wall hanging:  My bonus quilt was my attempt to redeem myself from a screw up on my quilt block.  My mother always told me I was about as clear as mud!  I failed to communicate clearly that I would be using my regular artist, Mary Blood, for my block design.  In my eagerness to begin my block, I had Mary draw a design prior to receiving our block design and assembly instructions from our Bee Quilt Coordinator, Sharon DeBoer.  Sharon also secured an artist for me.  Jane Miller graciously did a sweet sketch for my block design oriented properly.  Mary drew a charming design oriented in the wrong direction.  To save face, I offered to make Mary's block into a wall hanging.  It was a win/win.  Both of my wonderful artists are still willing to talk to me, and I ended up with an extra project for Airedale Rescue.

The wall hanging is my Airedale, Rushton, being dive bombed by tree swallows when he wandered too close to their house full of baby birds.  He thinks it is great sport and is disappointed that they manage to remain just out of his reach!


  1. It's gorgeous, Karen and Mary! Love it☺

  2. Some great things were created and discovered by "mistakes" - both your bonus and quilt squares are beautiful!

  3. it's a double win win for everyone involved. I love it!!